Any translators out there???Need help...

  1. I sometimes work as a translator nad need some help with the pricing.How much is a word charged?
    Recently I was given a document that was already translated and I had to check the translation.How much do I charge for that?

  2. I used a translator about 5yrs ago and the charge was $5/word... that's the only data point i have ...

    i would think that even though it's already been translated, you still have to read through it and check the translation. it should be the same price as getting it translated just minus the writing... maybe a 10-20% discount since you don't have to write it out? just my thoughts
  3. that's what I thought about the discount.Though the charge here is more like 10 cents/word.5$ is awayyy too much.Thanks!
  4. My bf translates for a living, he get paid by paragraph/page.
  5. I have used translators in the past, $0.10/per word is the cheapest I could find, they were mostly charging $0.15/per word. $5/per word is insane.
  6. I think it was a typo mistake...:yes:(or at least I hope LOL)
  7. I translate French, Spanish & Russian as a side business for my law firm.

    I charge $75-85 per page for a birth certificate, educational degree, marriage certicate, etc.

    For anything longer-company reports, testimonies, etc. I charge $100 per page upwards depending on how complicated the language is (i.e. I charge more for a scientific document than I would for a testimony since I have to look up the scientific words to double check the translation).

    If you want to email me the page, I can take a look at it and tell you how much I would charge for it.
  8. The $5/word was no typo gals... I know... :wtf:

    had to get someone to translate a business contract for my boss... and translator needed to know the business and industry lingo... maybe that's why it was $5/word...
  9. ummm i've never charged anywhere near that much per word! i usually charge about 7p per word, so about $0.14.
  10. Do you need a special license to do this? I would like to start a side business ( i need extra income)...How can I start?
  11. it could depend on where you are but generally no. but to translate legal documents and things like that you do need to be qualified, not just multilingual.

    again, without knowing where you live it's hard to say but there are probably agencies in your area specialising in work requiring certain languages and they often have proofreading work, and sometimes translating too.
  12. $5 per word!!!? That's insane! :upsidedown:
  13. In order to be a legally accredited translator who can provide services allowable in court, etc. you have to be licensed.
  14. thanks.I haven't been given to yet though.All I know is that it's a restaurant menu, so not a fully written page...
  15. You do need a license...Maybe you can ask in the lokal information office or directly at some ministry(that's what they are called, right?)