Any TPFs w/ a MPA???

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  1. Hello fellow TPFs

    Any one with a MPA degree?

    I've been looking into earning a MPA (concentration: Health Adm). I currently have a BA in Forensic Psychology. I've been l health working as a mental health counselor (4.5 yrs) and during evenings w/ the NYS OCA (10yrs). The colleges I checked out are the University of Baltimore ($751pc) and Upper Iowa University ($399pc). They both have online programs accredited by NASPAA.

    Opinions deeply appreciated.
  2. I do, but currently right now I'm not working in the health industry. I will PM you more details later.
  3. Thanks
  4. No other MPA majors out there. Awwww man
  5. I have an MPA as well. I graduated back in 1996 with it. Honestly, I have never used it. I work now, as I did then, in the private industry. Although it certainly doesn't hurt to have it on your resume.