Any tPFers knit as a hobby?

  1. If so....any advice on books to start to learn?
    I think I'm going to knit scarves for the rest of my life...everyone I know will get one! So I'm just looking for books that would cover the basics.
    I'm doing this to keep my hands busy in times of boredom (since I've given up eating potato chips, candy & chocolates....and will be quitting smoking)....and its the hands that need something to do!

    Thanks ladies!
  2. ME!!! i love knitting. i've bee knitting since i was 13 yrs old :p i use to accompany my mom to this knitting club, so sometimes i get bored, and then i decided to knit too :roflmfao:
    it turns out to be very fun and now as i grown up and living in a more complicated life, knitting is like a meditation for me :yes:

    i'm in asia, so it's easy to find a knitting book, mostly they are in japanese, but you can learn from the picture itself.
    maybe if you have this japanese bok store called kinokuniya, you can get it there!

    g luck :yahoo:
  3. I knit occasionally also.
    Its definantely a fun hobby to pick up when you have some extra time, or want to preoccupy yourself!.. I have knit soo many scarves, and I have no interest in knitting anythin else but scarves haha.
    Wow im really happy for you that you are going to knit, and try to help yourself give up candy and other stuff.. goodluck on giving up smoking!!
  4. and you know what would be the best way to slow down smoking besides knitting?
    i found that when i knit, i still can smoke easily.
    try cross stitch! it's sooo hard to smoke during this, because we have to keep on changing the threads, and counting the patterns etc.
  5. I taught myself to knit last yr.

    Here are some books that I used:

    Knitting for Dummies
    Stitch n' B*tch

    Also those lil pamplets you can find in the knitting section of Michael's or JoAnn's.

    There's a show on DIY called "Knitty Gritty" which was also helpful.

    ...and a HUGE help was which I frequented alot before I found tPF. There's tons of videos you can watch and learn from and a great message board as well.

    Good Luck!!:smile:
  6. I tried to learn once. My mom is an expert knitter. She does blankets, sweaters, ... She tried to teach me once, I almost broke thise needles. I would love to leard, maybe I will try one of those books.

    Good luck Twiggers on your quest (start knitting and stop smoking).
  7. Thanks girls!!!1
    Seahorse: I do cross stitch as well, but they take forever to finish (I usually do the big 8x10 ones)....I think knitting might work because it's quicker results!

    I will definetly check out those books!
  8. My daughter (she is 7) is dying to learn how to knit, and was quite put out that I couldn't teach her as, "All mommies should be able to teach their daughters how to knit!!". Santa got her knitting stuff for X-mas, and she learned one stitch and then insisted I sit down and let HER teach me!! I am trying to find some classes here in HK, because I think it would be a really fun thing to do with each other!!

  9. I made two attempts to learn and while I picked it up easily, I just didn't enjoy it. And it's a shame, because I really wanted to!! I've been knitting since June of '03 and it's the only method I like. I might try crochet again later, but I don't know- I'm an intermediate level knitter as it is, and I'm always looking to master new techniques.
  10. I used Vogue Knitting and Knitting for Dummies. I also took a 3 hour class that got me started on the basics (knit, purl, casting on) and taught myself the rest as I went along. If you look online, you'll find plenty of websites that teach you how to knit, and they're great for picking up new tips!
  11. I bought a Knifty Knitter which is a set of knitting looms that I think is fun. I have made hats and scarves for my family for Christmas. Its really simple and if you look it up on the internet there are alot of other projects to make as well.
  12. Thanks everyone!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Stitch and ***** is a great starter reference, but if you need to see it in action I recommend checking out the videos on (they're free and quick little webcam videos of how to do various stitches). I also recommend going to a knitting circle at least once in the beginning.

    Also, I have a few patterns I've "published" on the internet if you're interested:
    1) Purly - Yule Socks
    2) 1337knitters: Pirate Dice
    3) Purly - Making it your own.

    And you really can't beat or for free patterns/articles every season.
  14. crochetbella does.. she knit beautiful hermes bags hehe