Any TPF'ers from Southern CA.? I might be moving there and have questions....

  1. I might be moving to the southern California area (my father and I own a business and have the opportunity to expand and movie the company...) Nothing is definite but It's looking very likely and I'll probably know for sure within the next few weeks.

    I am a bit nervous mostly because of the price of living. If this goes through the company will be located in Sun Valley (which I know nothing about). I've been house searching and the prices for homes in the area (San Fernando Valley ) is insane compared to the Chicago area.

    Another reason I'm a bit nervous about this is that I am a full on Midwest Chicago / Michigan girl. I've been to California a few time in my life and every time it's a complete culture shock. I can't even imagine living there...The good thing is I have some family who live in the area plus my parents would be moving to that area as well!!

    So, questions...

    What's San Fernando Valley like? Is it a good place to live? What about a place like Simi Valley? House wise I'm looking for a place no more than an hours drive from Sun Valley, but I rather NOT have to drive that far / long...

    Really, if anyone here is from or familiar with the area I'd love to hear more about it.

    Thanks so much.
  2. So sorry, but I don't know much about the Valley. I'm from San Diego and I live in the OC now. Just wanted to say...welcome! You will love it here in So Cal. I have met a lot of people who are "transplants," and yes it is a culture shock, but after a while people say they would NEVER go back...especially if you ask them around January or February...LOL!
  3. Hey there, I moved from LA a while ago. Personally, I don't know where Sun Valley is :smile: But I do somewhat know the valley and north of there. Simi Valley is nicer than most of the San Fernando Valley. It's more suburban and it's not the porn capitol of the world.

    In between there, I would say Simi Valley/Thousand Oaks/West Lake Village and...Canejo? I think they are all the same community. Heading south, Calabasas is nice. There's also Chatsworth in the San Fernando Valley. These are all great communities. Prices are probably quite high in some parts, not sure about the real estate market in Chicago though. It will still be way cheaper than the more traditional LA areas, Santa Monica, Century City, Beverly Hills, etc...

    Anyway, I went to college near there, after spending most of my time before then a good ole Iowan girl :smile: Yeah, to me LA seems more superficial, but it's not completely void of substance.
  4. My friend lived in the valley (Thousand Oaks) and from what I remember when visiting is pretty suburban. She's a city girl and was bored to tears and was counting down the days she could leave (her work transferred her there for a year). It's more of a family area, with cookie-cutter housing developments, and the usual chain restaurants. That's not to say it's bad - if you are coming from Chicago suburbs like Naperville or Warrenville, it might come pretty darn close to what you're used to. But if you're coming from downtown Chicago, it'll definitely come as a shock! The "fun" part of LA (Santa Monica, Westwood, etc) is not that far of a drive so you can always come down for weekend fun. :smile:
  5. Hi, I don't know anything about the valley, but I transplanted to so cal about 3 years ago and absolutely love it. I went through the culture shock phase the first 6 months, and now I can't imagine living elsewhere. I've lived in about 5 different states, and this is my favorite place so far.
  6. I think it also depends on what kind of area you are looking for. Are you hoping for a suburban area, or an area with some urban life? If you want a diverse selection of businesses nearby, then perhaps Studio city, Burbank, or Los Feliz is a good area. More suburban areas include parts of Burbank and North Hollywood, and I think areas West and North of Sun Valley.

    Personally, I couldn't consider Sun Valley because I think it gets extremely hot over there and I like to be near urban life. I'd live more south near the city and hope to get lots of AC!

    And remember, an hour's drive in LA usually ends up being a couple hours. Traffic can be bad depending on highways and time of day. Worst highways include the 101, 5, and 405 so you'd want to avoid a commute using those highways and any interchanges involving them, such as 101 and the 405.
  7. You're in luck (well, as far as getting insight goes). I live in the San Fernando Valley and have been for most of my life. I really love living here, and if I stay in LA, I don't think I could live in any other part of LA. Great weather for most of the year, but it gets extremely hot during summer. Simi Valley is really nice, quiet, and far from the really busy areas like Hollywood. It's way east from Sun Valley, I'm guestimating about 25 miles. Sun Valley, BTW, is not considered a nice area, but it's close to the "exciting" areas like Hollywood. If you want to live in a nice area that's closer to Sun Valley, consider Sherman Oaks. It's close to a lot of major freeways, and it's literally about 15 min. from Beverly Hills (without traffic, of course). Another place to consider would be Burbank or Glendale, which are really close to Sun Valley. They're quieter than Hollywood, but there's still lots of fun stuff to do there.

    I've visited several places around the world, and really there's nowhere like LA. I know that people think we're all like Paris Hilton or the kids on "Laguna Beach", but honestly, it's way more diverse than that.