1. I was at a specific location last week or so and found a white coach hangtag in a store! i dont know if its ok to post this but i was wondering if somebody on here mighta lost it! well i m holding it for u! Please PM me to claim it!!
  2. That would be awesome if someone lost it and was a fellow tPF-er.

  3. Wow! You're great. Wouldn't it be great if there was a world wide internet "lost and found" to claim missing items!
  4. How sweet of you to post it!! It's not mine but there is a website you can go to if you've lost something or found something. Can I give the link or not?
  5. oh i dunno! *worries* better not until a mod says something
  6. I don't see why not:shrugs:

    cute thread! :biggrin:
  7. I stumbled across this but haven't used it myself...wish I had known about it back when I lost items out of town & out of the country. :idea:
  8. huh it says unavailable! thanks swanky!! hopefully someone claims her! it looks like it came off a duffle or something
  9. How funny! I wonder if it is the hangtag off of my bag. A friend of mine in NY got the large white Ergo tote and sent it to me, but when it got here it was missing the hangtag. She was in NYC. Coach was kind enough to send me a replacement, but I wonder if this is the "missing" hangtag!
  10. hmmmm maybe!! it is a big white hangtag!