Any TPF'er currently living in Japan?!

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  1. Well, my bf just told me (a surprise) that he's going to take me to Japan for a week!!!!!:wtf: I've never been there b4, so not sure what we should do for a week there. Anyone currently living there?

    Also, what would be a good place to go that we can do ski/snowboard/hot tub spa for 3days/2nights???:idea:

    I am so excited but clueless as to what to do there and stuff..

    any suggestion from you ladies would be great!:yes:


    p.s. oh and we are leaving in like 2 weeks....he likes to do these spontaneous kinda stuff...:hysteric:
  2. u hv a great bf!! but for 3 days...and 2 nights..where are u going in japan? tokyo?

    i'm not japanese but i've been there..when i was much younger..don't u think 3 days 2 too short of a tour to anywhere in asia?
  3. oh, we are going there for a week. But we want to spend half of the time wondering around the city like "Lost in Translation" :yes: and the other half going to somewhere away from Tokyo.
  4. Oh my gosh! I am SOOOO jealous!!! I've been to Japan twice (once in 6th grade and again as a sophomore) and I want to go back SO bad! It's so beautiful.

    I say you have to at least hit Tokyo for part of the time. And we enjoyed Kyoto as well. We did things like go to old markets and found old kimonos and antiques, visit beautiful temples and parks, stuff like that.

    Too bad you aren't going for the Cherry Tree season. Both times I went was that season and it is stunningly gorgeous.

    You'll have lots of fun for sure!!!
  5. I was in Japan about 5 times for business. However, my travel arrangement was always taken care of by my host company, so I did not explore enough on my own to know where things were. Futhermore, I was tight with time, and could not do much sightseeing or shopping.

    Until about three years ago, my husband went to Japan for a conference. I tagged along as a tourist, so I had the chance of exploring local tours. Actually, the information for all the tours was available at the front desk of our hotel lobby. We signed up for some half day city tour (in Tokyo that included the Palace) and a full day tour to Fuji Mountain/Lake Ashi(???). Anyway, the Mount Fuji tour was very worthwhile and enjoable. It was very convenient using local tours for sightseeing in Japan, especially that we do not know the langauge. We did not need to worry about where to meet the tour guide. The tour bus/director came to our hotel to pick us up.

    Since you have only 2-3 days in Japan, you may want to check with the hotel front desk for signing up local tours. Make sure that you sign up as soon as you arrive.

    If you happen to stay in Tokyo, you may want to shop in the Ginza area. Take the subway, and get the subway map. Do not forget to check out the Mikimoto pearls and try the shaboo shaboo (hot pot).
  6. check out shinjuku... :biggrin:
  7. Aahh jealous...I did a semester abroad in kyoto. miss it so much! definitely go for a hot tub place! They're called ryokans, and they have these great traditional baths. I stayed at one in hakone and it was really nice... and eat well! I LOVE japanese food. yum.
  8. oooh i'm so jealous of u angela :P
    that's a very nice thing what ur bf did :yes:
    i haven't been to japan, yet... because everything's there to pricey, but i sguggest to check out harajuku or shinjuku...
    HAVE FUN!!! :yahoo: