Any tPF civilians "packing?"

  1. I am interested to know how many of our designer handbag carrying ladies (or as Invisicat terms it "Bad Ass Bag Carrying Wom[e]n") also carry arms. What type and what equipment do you use?
  2. I was actually one of Texas' first Concealed Weapon license holders! :biggrin:
    I don't carry one, anymore ;)
    But I keep a .38 special nearby.
  3. Yup, Lady Smith & Wesson .38. Small and light.
  4. Sig Sauer 229 with custom grips. It is a good women's handgun as it is weighted nicely. That said..I shoot every 2 months, both night and day shoots to qualify to carry it. Since most self defense shooting is up close, a lot of the training is around close moving and defensive targets.
  5. Thanks! Keep them coming! Those of you who are qualified for conceal/carry, do you use a holster and, if so, what type do you find to be the most secure and convenient?
  6. I'm sorry but can I ask why you carry arms? It just seams so strange to me. I grew up around them as my father was a cop and a hunter. But the only time we ever saw his service revolver was when he came home mid shift. It was always locked in his locker in the station. But I have never understood why everyday people carry them around with them???
  7. I grew up educated about them, not because my family hunts, no one in my family does.
    But because I was raised by a single Dad who to provide for me and my sister worked 12 hours shifts - which meant we were left home alone, A LOT.
    We learned for protection.
    As I said, I don't carry them on my person, but I would keep one in my car if I were driving overnight and we keep one in the house for protection in a VERY SAFE place.
    Education was paramount, my Dad taught me to shoot and at the same time pretty much instilled a fear of God in me about them. I respect them and their power which is why DH and I are the only ones that could ever get to mine.

    Mine is a S&W too :smile:
  8. I second what Swanky have to have a VERY healthy respect for weapons and be educated about proper use and handgun laws. And I don't think anyone should carry one unless that person is willing to use it if the time arises.
  9. I'm fully qualified and competent on the M16A2, the M203, the SAW, and soon to be on the 9mm.
  10. Does anyone actually carry their gun with them all the time?

    I have a student that's very...unusual, and his facebook account lists his interests as "Guns and other things made to hurt people." and he has all these banners that say, "I support the right to carry concealed weapons on campus."

    It makes me so so so so nervous to know that he probably carries a weapon on him at all times including when I'm teaching him, especially since he's a little different.
  11. Jillybean, I don't know about your state but where I live no non-law enforcement personnel or students can take a gun within a certain distance (I don't recall specifically -- maybe 150 feet?) of any school. With some of the school shootings I am not sure this is a great idea...perhaps certain instructors who have extensive training should be permitted a concealed weapon, but I don't think anyone should just be able to have a gun in the classroom.

    I don't carry all the time, because I mostly have it for home protection, but I certainly want to be able to!
  12. I'd very much like to have one - I'm a young woman, living with another young female roommate, and if anyone were to try and enter our apartment, i'd really like to be able to defend us.

    one of my managers' sisters had her house broken into in the middle of the night by a man with a gun. she survived because she had a gun and shot him in the face. i'm a liberal on most things, but i think the right to own and carry a gun is important.

  13. I live in Virginia, and apparently it's legal here from what my classmates tell me.
  14. We have one.... I think it's a .38. My mom is urging me to get a taser gun.... unfortunately I'm very tiny and practically defenseless.
  15. I ALWAYS carry a gun!!!!!! I have had my concealed weapons permit since I was 21. Everyone in my family carries a gun.