Any Torquoise Bags For Sale Out There

  1. Would really like a Tourquoise Bal bag for 2008.........

    any for sale out there in our big universe of Bal?????:wlae::s
  2. If you mean the Sky Blue, I was just at Neiman's in Paramus, NJ and they had several...a first and a few cities...really beautiful!

    They also had some gorgeous BG Pink and some other colors from 2007, 2 different browns that I could not tell apart...
  3. ^I heard that turquoise '08 will be available from March '08.
  4. I'm sorry, I was refering to Sky Blue...I got confused!!
  5. I was referring to the older softer Torquoise bags....2005 or so......
  6. Ur best bet is fleabay
  7. Alaska is correct :yes: eBay or try RealDeal

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