Any Toronto Gals been to Holt's Lately?

  1. I havnt been for a while, anyone know if they got any of the new colours in? And if they did are they still there?

  2. hey there - what do you mean by new colours? They have french blue and stuff like that - but I didn't not see anthracite or sandstone or anything like that.

    They had a really cute french blue and linen first with silver hardware. cuuute!
  3. Did you know they don't carry Balenciaga at Holt's Sherway anymore?

    I just noticed that a few weeks ago...
  4. They actually were never suppose to. They would get a few here and there but it wasnt something they usually carried. Only Yorkdale and Bloor.

    But the good new is....Holts Sherway is expanding. Yaaay!
  5. I meant collection colours....anthracite, bleu glacier and aquamarine. I find they usually only get a few at best and sell out really fast.

    Linen with silver....that sounds so cute!
  6. I went to the Bloor location over the weekend and they have the Anthracite (twiggy and city??) and the Giant hobo.

    Their anthracite bbags have VERY shiny leather and have a greenish tone to it KWIM?

    Haven't seen the Aqua or Bleu Galcier :sad:
  7. Tell me about it! :cursing:
  8. i don't remember seeing any of the collection colors at Yorkdale...all i saw were old colors, black, sapin? (it was a dark green), griege, camel....not very exciting IMO
  9. Yorkdale has some GH cities (truffle, neutral, white, my recollection). For sure a Hobo GH in white. That's most of this seasons. they don't have much that has a pop of colour (ie.seagrean, aquamarine, periwinkle, etc.). I haven't seen the antracite yet.
    And all the RH from previous seasons.
  10. ^Are you sure they had black with GH? I asked Van Holts if they ordered any black with GH and they told me no. They did order cafe with GH. Maybe that is what you saw?
  11. Anyone buy from the pool of bbags on sale at Holt's recently?

    Does anyone know if there are any left?