Any Tool fans?

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  1. The new album 10,000 days leaked. If interested, shoot me a PM. This album so freakin' hot. :nuts:

    While the mother holds her child
    Watches him die
    Hands to the sky crying,
    "Why, oh why?"

    Cause I need to watch things die... from a distance
    Vicariously I live while the whole world dies
    You all need it too, don't lie...

  2. I know there's some heavy metal ladies on this forum!
  3. Me! :nuts:

    I love Tool. Saw them live in 2001, after Lateralus came out. One of the best shows I've ever seen. Aenima is my favorite album. Haven't heard any of the new stuff on the radio yet, maybe I'm listening at the wrong time :P

    I also saw MJK's side project, A Perfect Circle, in 2001. I really liked their first album.
  4. I went to a Perfect Circle concert in NYC a few years ago, and almost got crushed :sad: . My boyfriend really likes Tool and can't wait for the album to come out in a few days (same day as Pearl Jam which he is an even bigger fan of).
  5. Ahh, Maynard.... *sigh*

    "Aenima" is my favourite, too. Shame on me for not loving A Perfect Circle as much..

  6. My rocker man.... la la la
  7. Me too! I saw them many years ago and loved their show!!! I'd love to hear some new Tool!! I heard their newest song on the radio and :love: 'ed it!!!
  8. Dloading it as I type....:biggrin: Thanks for the heads up, Vlad!

    While I do like A Perfect Circle, it will be so nice to have a new Tool album! I saw them in concert once and it was amazing!!!
  9. YES!!! I saw them way back in the day...and would love to check them out again. They are an AMAZING band. Love the tattoo on Maynard's spine! I was stunned by that at the concert (but had to keep myself from getting squished from all the moshing going on!). I admit it - I'm a metal head myself. Metallica is another one of my favorites - old school metallica, not such much the newer stuff. I've been to sooo many of their concerts.

  10. Ok I just found a new best friend on the forum. Do you want to be my Met-Buddy? :P

    I've listened to Metallica since Justice For All came out, and I was only 6 then. The last album was a complete desaster and I only listened to it maybe twice since it came out. :sick:
  11. My boyfriend is a HUGE Tool fan. His b'day is coming up and it would be a most excellent gift. Thanks for the heads up!
  12. Vlad lol! Yes I would be honored!!! Well I am *slightly* older than you eeeeek. My DH introduced me to Metallica as he was a diehard fan since the beginning when they first hit the scene. Ride the Lightning is unreal and I'd have to say Sanitarium is my #1 fave ;)

    I have to say I don't like the new stuff either. Seems like since James has been clean it isn't the same. I'm happy for him but the vibe just isn't there. I miss the old Metallica! No one tears it up like they do :idea: :biggrin: :nuts:


  13. Jamez should get back to the bottle, and Lars needs to shut his mouth and get back to the insane double base action they once played in One. I'm happy not to be the only diehard Metallica fan on tPF. :nuts:
  14. Totally devastated is more like it Vlad. Had such high hopes but their new stuff isn't impressive at all. All this therapy hasn't helped the music :=)
  15. Saw Tool in San Antonio a couple years ago. I swear my BF and I were the oldest people there!