Any Tomatoes still around?

  1. I know this could be a long shot, but I've been thinking about a Tomatoe Red bag.

    I either want a city or the bowling bag, maybe even a Day...

    Anyone seen any?

  2. There are definitely Cities and Days about, I've seen a few Cities with GGH and GSH at Barney's and RH Days. I don't think they released the bowling this season in tomato (if you want a bowling, you'd have to get an 06 Rouge Vif and psst.. there is one on a certain auction site currently...)
  3. This City is on for $1345. It says the color is Rouille (see the post below this one for the Rouge/Tomato):

  4. Actually, Diabro also has this City which it lists as Rouge/Tomato for $1345:

  5. neiman's in san francisco has some tomato cities with GSH...
  6. YOu should check with Saks in New Orleans if you are interested in a tomato city with RH. I just returned one I bought (decided on rouge vif instead) and they said they would send it back to the store I purchased it from. That was about 2 weeks ago.
  7. And, an extra benefit is that they don't charge sales tax.