Any Toki's in Washington DC

  1. My husband and I are going there for the weekend:yahoo: away from the kids. i love the kids but we need some time to ourselves. I just wanted to know if they sell tokidoki's there? And where? Or do I have better luck in downtown Chicago.

  2. Hello! The only place I have found them is at Bloomingdales in Tysons Corner. It's about 20 minutes from DC.
  3. Very late post, but may be of interest to anyone around DC metro area interested in Toki -the selection for Toki items is very sparse around here, but in addition to Bloomingdales & Cusp @ Tysons you can also find Toki in VA (Up Against the Wall@Pentagon City Mall; Loehman's@Falls Church), MD (Bloomie's @White Flint) & DC (Macy's@MetroCentre, Up Against the Wall@Georgetown;Cusp@Georgetown). These are the only places I've seen bags, but the stores typically have around 3-10 only -stinky, huh? It's also possible that any Loehman's & Filenes (both in VA,MD&DC) that I have yet to visit have some bags, but likely old prints & few bags. It is definitely nothing like what the lucky Cali & NY gals have access to -so jealous!!!
  4. I just found a decent selection at Filene's downtown (the bigger one at 14th & F) they had a variety of Treninos (Foresta, Arancia, Citta that I recall) a Arancia Bella, I think some Scuolas and a couple Nuvolas. Just today I saw (and bought!) at the Filene's in Tyson's Corner. They had mostly Arancia (2 Ciao Ciaos, 1 Nuvolo - all missing the Qee - and I scored myself a Foresta Corriere. Zero found at the Macy's in Pentagon City and Tyson's. Last week the Loehmann's in Falls Church only had two Citta Scuolas. Wish I'd known to check Bloomie's while I was out at Tyson's this afternoon!

  5. the SA's at cusp (tysons corner) are really helpful, and they can call other stores to get you the bag you want. i was lucky to find my lamore zucca :yahoo:

    i got the last lamore purse, all they have left is adios star... but thay also said they were getting their new tokidoki collection in around the middle of august. you should def check back then
  6. Congrats on your new bag. Please post pics when you get a chance.
  7. excuse the ignorance...what store is 'cusp'? or IS that the name of the store?
  8. oh wow fred .... you scored a foresta corriere?? That's awesome!! :tup:
  9. Ooooo, many thanks, Fred! I'm glad to know where some other bags are hiding. I was so excited when I first started looking, but when every place I went had SA's saying, 'tok -what?' or 'here are the 2 tokis we have', I got pretty dejected. You did not miss much by skipping Blommie's @ Tysons -the last time I was there they only had adios & spiggia (about 3 each), the SA's will not help you if even one person is looking @ Fendi bags. And, they have had obviously returned items (qee's missing, dirt on bags), but won't give a discount.

    I forget who asked, but, yes, Cusp is a store...some very nice things in there -pricey, but nice.
  10. Where is Cusp located at ? is it inside the mall in tysons? 1st flr...2nd flr? & the one in georgetown...where is that one near? Thanks in advance!

    but Bloomies at Tyson & White Flint has the worst SA. I found a way to get them to help you though without looking at Fendi, I just grab a whole bunch of varies bags in my hand and they all think they would make the sale so all of a sudden they rush over to help you ...then you tackle them with the questions ha ha
  11. @Tyson's, it's on the 1st level by the movie theaters...just walk past Gordon Biersch restaurant (into the mall) & it'll be 1-3 stores down on the left.
    In DC, G-town/M St. (3030 -couple blocks past "mall-aka:shops of georgetown").

    On an unrelated note: does anyone else find L-J super confusing to use? If not, I guess I'm an idiot, but if anyone has recommendations on best way to learn the in's & out's, I'd appreciate it!

  12. I got super lucky - as it was just what I wanted and a friend happened to call me last night to ask if I wanted a 15% off Filene's coupon she was given and wouldn't use. At the Filene's downtown, I could see the Tokis from across the store, but at Tyson's they were literally on the bottom shelf below all the other LeSportsac bags (and they had a lot!). If they didn't have the Arancias, I may not of found them!

    Me too! I joined, but could use a tutorial - maybe someone can start a new thread?

    Will post pictures as soon as I take them!
  13. hello DC and VA toki lovers! i just moved to VA from HI last week and got the chance to go to tysons today. i'm glad i read this thread ahead of time so i didn't expect to see too many tokis. i saw a few at bloomies... Famiglia gioco (only one which i think another lady was planning to buy), Spiaggia ciao ciao and cucciolo, Notte luna, canguro, BV, Bianco stellina, bella, BV and ciao ciao. the tokis looked so sad there :sad:. they weren't even arranged nicely and the biancos were already filthy. :crybaby:

    i checked out cusp too and they had AS zucca and BV and a Bianco BV. they also had the candy cane angel and sandy t-shirts.
  14. How are you adjusting to the area? The stuff at bloomies goes really u need to be there at 1st release or something....& let the SA know to call u...that's a bit tricky b/c according to them there are one or two buyers there that buys that store out of stock ...I actually witnessed one, and they're not kidding about buying it ALL...the lady gave me a dirty look b/c I was able to grab one before she took it all :roflmfao: ...well that was when I didn't have to travel so much so I was able to check in more often....anyhow I have a feeling they rather get the sales of those people.....considering my old SA don't even call me anymore & I'm an ultimate premier memeber too!! :cursing: ha ha anyhow talk to the SA, its worth a try & tell them u just moved to the area so u'll be a new client ;)
  15. hey how do you like va? thanks for listing what they've got at bloomies and cusp...i'm trying to take a daytrip up there to do some shopping! doesn't sound like they've got much though. hopefully they'll restock or something.