Any toki's in Edmonton, Canada

  1. Just wanted to know if there are places in Edmonton that sell tokidoki's. We are going there for a wedding and wanted to know where to shop for toki's. If there are any.:confused1:

  2. i don't know if this is too late or not.. but sadly no there isn't.. stoneridge in west edmonton mall had a few in pirata and adios star, but they're sold out now.. winners in edmonton center location had a few citta scuolas too but i haven't seen any since then :|
  3. No, it's not to late. I don't leave until next week. That' s a bummer that everything is sold out. Do you know if they are going to get any more in? Thanks for letting me know where to look.

  4. just an update, theres a few adios star buon viaggios in winners.. i've been to the winners in west edm mall and they had 2 (1 left b/c my sister bought one) and they also had a adios star canguro... the other winners location on calgary trail also had 2 adios star buon viaggios :smile:.. this was on thursday so i don't know if they still have any left!