Any Tokidoki in Las Vegas

  1. My husband is going to Las Vegas and I wanted to know of any stores that might have it. Too bad I am not going:crybaby:

  2. Hey ice-cream, there is a LeSportsac store in the Fashion Show mall in Vegas, and Tokidoki bags are sold there. Good luck!
  3. I believe they also sell them at Ross on the strip, macys and Nordstroms located in fashion show mall, and metropark in planet hollywood hotel which was formerly aladdin
  4. Theres also a place at the Hawaiian Marketplace (in between MGM and Planet Hollywood - its kind of near Harley Davidson) that sells Tokidoki. Its in the way back at a Japanese Store (yokohama something? its a store that I know is popular in Hawaii as well. its like a japanese chain or something). I was just there and they had Amore and Spiaggia but not too much too choose from.
  5. sorry reviving an old thread... i'm going to vegas at the end of august. any other spots for anything tokidoki? thanks!
  6. I was just there two weeks ago and they had some in Macy's at the Fashion Show Mall. Also, Nevada has a lower sales tax than California
  7. hey me too lol!

    i emailed the vegas store to see what prints they have, cuz imma hit up the store when i get to vegas (not like rob... but like visit)

  8. :yes: I was gonna suggest the Macy's too in Fashion Show Mall.
  9. oh man i just wanna GO to vegas...most likely after i turn 21 :biggrin: save some toki for me in vegas!!
  10. I just went to Vegas last weekend, but I didn't go toki shopping. Just gambling. hehehe.