Any tokidoki bags currently on sale in stores?

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  1. Are in stores online or other having sales on any bags? TIA
  2. My friend works at Bloomingdales and they are having their private sale around the 12th of June. Which means something like 20% off anything over a hundred, and if that amount is still more than $100 you get $25 off. So a $160 bag would be $160-$32=$128 and then $25 off,so $103 plus tax for the bag. :yahoo::tup:
  3. Tvstar...what kinda doggie is that? It looks like my Twinkie who is a Chi-Weiner...
  4. wow, that's awesome! haha.. major deals.. who gets to participate in this 'private sale' :O!!

  5. She is a long-haired dachshund but I keep her hair cut pretty short:smile:

  6. Thanks! They don't sell the bags online do they?
  7. The Private Sale is for Bloomingdale credit card holders. They send the coupons to you in the mail. So if you do not have an account, sign up quickly!!!
  8. ooo yay I just got a card on monday night!
  9. why there arent any tokidoki sales @ my area... :sad:
  10. iceberg, what area are you from? =)
  11. i am from Singapore. apparently Tokidoki in every size over here are more expensive then anywhere else. and we really have lousy placement because the quantity is always very little hence there is hardly much choice for you to choose for.

    just like the new release of Spiaggia over here in Singapore, 1 of the outlet only have 2 pcs of Zucca for sales. *faint*... and it is selling @ USD256 (given the exchange rate of USD1=SGD1.54). the pain is that having paid so much for the bag yet arent able to get a good placement. :cursing:
  12. Macys is having yet another sale. It says in the paper "brands that rarely go on sale." Lets hope our Tokidoki are included :confused1:
  13. If you live in SoCal I can tell you that the TJMaxx's do not have any TokiDoki (In Torrance, at least, went to both of em' I did! XP)