Any toki in Iowa?

  1. I know this is probably a huge long shot, but I'm going to Iowa soon, and since there isn't any tokidoki sold where I live, I was wondering if anyone would know if there was any there. I'm kinda doesn't look like there's any Nordstrom stores there...I don't know about Macys or Loehmanns..any help would be appreciated!
  2. Last time I was in Omaha (June) no one had heard of Tokidoki so I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that you're probably out of luck.
  3. Yeah, I am kind of doubting there will be any Toki readily available in Iowa.

    I'm so used to living in a Toki-free state that I just accept that I am not going to see Toki IRL unless I am visiting the East or West coasts. The middle part of the country just doesn't do Tokidoki. I never see anyone else where I live with a Toki bag, but when I was in NYC and Boston over the last couple months, I saw tons of Toki bags on people.

    I really need to move lmao
  4. i live in iowa, where exactly are you going? i live 25 miles from the quad cities which has a population of like 400,000 but there are no macy's there. there is a department store called von maur that sells juicy, coach, michael kors and stuff like that but they have no toki. the nearest macys is in peoria,il.
  5. i always go on vacation to oregon and washington. i wasn't into tokidoki last year so i didn't know about the outlet by seattle and this year i didn't get to go:sad: