Any toki in Albany, NY?

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  1. I think I read in a previous thread somewhere about Albany TPFers and finding toki but I could not locate it. Could anyone from Albany, NY please let me know where I could locate any tokis? Do they carry them at the local Macy's at all? TIA!:graucho:
  2. I'm from Albany and in all of my quests I haven't been able to find any toki anywhere - even at the Macy's in both Crossgates and Colonie Center malls. haha I'm dying to know where I could locate any... to me it seems like the closest toki would be at the Woodbury or Southampton outlets.
  3. Ah,where's DancingNancies? She'd probably know. or will respond just as I'm typing that. haha... and there definitely isn't any in Kingston.[where I am] BOO UPSTATE NY!!!!!
  4. Yeah, I second that. Upstate NY stinks for toki lovers :tdown:
  5. ahh, nice to know because the hotel i'm staying at has free shuttle service to both malls but that sux that there are no tokis at both macys!
  6. I would love it if there were... they have LeSportsac bags, but nothing good. I asked one of the sales reps at Colonie Center if they carried toki, and she didn't even know what I was talking about. Since the one at Crossgates is even smaller, I'm assuming that they'll never sell it, either. :sad:
  7. DancingNancies - In my sparetime, which mall would you recommend I go to? Colonies? I will have free time after some meetings I have scheduled so I wanted to hit the mall if there was nothing else to do there. Also, is there anything fun to do in Albany?? Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated! Thanks :smile:
  8. Mmm... I don't go to Colonie Center as much, but it's more of an upscale mall than Crossgates is. It's pretty big and nice, but I've always liked Crossgates better because it's more compact and seems to have more stores and such. So I guess you can decide which you'd rather go to - a spacy, nice mall or a busy compact mall. :P Other than that, there's really nothing to do haha~ Albany is pretty boring. The Empire State Plaza is pretty cool, I suppose, if you've never visited before. They have a museum there that's pretty neat~

    That's all I can think of, haha~ ;)
  9. Wow I'm surprised someone lives here in Kingston! I thought I was the only toki wearer here lol Only place I've seen it is filenes in poughkeepsie but I'd rather order online with casey and save myself money. I've never been disappointed with a print.
  10. paintednightsky!!!!!!! You're in Kingston?? How come I haven't seen you yet?? I haven't seen anyone with tokidoki.
    &Have you tried TJ Maxx in Poughkeepsie?
  11. Yep I'm in Kingston (mostly) live in Saugerties now since I moved but work and stuff in kingston. I've only had one person (surprisingly an older guy) know what kind of bag it was and some people comment on it but I've never seen anyone with my bag. I always have my bag around too. I haven't tried TJ Maxx yet but maybe sometime I'll go. It's just a drive and gas is killer here lol
  12. I work in Kingston too! Where do you work? [I actually live in Stone Ridge currently,though.] The only person who has ever commented on a bag and knew what it was was a random guy in the Kingston Walmart late one night, who's fiancée [I think it was his fiancée..] had been looking for one. If you ever see someone with an Inferno Dolce, that'd be me. Hah.
    Yeah, I was considering checking out Poughkeepsie, but if you'd been there & there was nothing, I'd skip it. If I get there soon, I'll let you know.
  13. hah! Same here guy at walmart! That's pretty crazy, small world lol I've seen zilch people where any toki bags. I actually work at walmart now and will be going to college at ucc this fall at stone ridge and then transferring after 2 years elsewhere. That's pretty weird that we both live around each other. How old are you? I'm 22. I wonder when it'll look too old on me lol
  14. i've been sick, so i couldn't reply; i can't believe the same guy at walmart recognized your bag though. that's amazing. haha! i haven't seen anyone else w/toki either. i believe the two of us are IT for this area. i'm 26, but people tend to think i'm younger.. but i don't think i'll ever think of myself as too old for tokidoki.
  15. It all depends on your state of mind. I'm more than twice your age and I love my toki and no one has laughed at me yet :smile:
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