Any Toki fans in the UK?

  1. Hi,

    I love Tokidoki after buying my first bag while on holiday in Orlando last October.

    Is there anyone else out there from the UK and Where do you buy your Toki from?

    The only place I know which sells the bags is Selfridges. I rang the Oxford Street branch this morning to be nosey as I received my SCUOLA BACKPACK IN TRASPORTO from Nordstrom and they sell it at £159 ($318). I paid $200 including shipping and even with customs tax and vat this will still be cheaper. For anyone in the UK Nordstroms service is excellent and my bag was shipped out on Monday and arrived today via DHL.

    I have ordered Toki Tee's from Karmaloop and Trendystars. Have also bought a Zucca in Vacanze from Pulse.

    Are there any other online store recommendations who ship to the UK. I wish JapanLa would as they have some great hoody's on there at the moment.