Any Tods lover out there?

  1. Its a bit small for me - I prefer the larger Kate bag - but id its the right size for you then that's not a problem. Its a gorgeous colour, and on sale to boot - I say go for it! :biggrin:
  2. i like it ... i am thinking of getting it for my mother in law but in tan :smile: so timeless and elegant
  3. I used to ADORE Tods -- the shoes, the bags. Not so much lately. Could be that I'm less interested in structured bags. I still buy the shoes but I tend to get them on eBay (new, thank you very much) because I like the older styles.
  4. I love Tods, bags and shoes! I've been eyeing that particular Tod's for a while now. The only reason I am holding back is that I'm not sure that it is quite comfortable to wear. But if that doesn't bother you, go for it! It's beautiful and classic.
  5. I love Tod's too. I only recently began to appretiate them as much as they deserve. I'd love a Tod's bag, because I don't have one yet!
  6. I love that bag!!! I also want a Tod's but need to take a break and enter into reality. I still have tags on some waiting to be used think I need shop-stop help~:wacko:
  7. I love Tods too :biggrin:

    I have a few, great stuff! I swear, they still look new despite years of abuse. The Tod's boutiques have started their pre-sales. The actual sale starts on Monday. I was thinking of getting a Kate Easy Media in that gold color.
  8. Eeekkk.. it's out of stock already!! :amazed: All the things I want come and go so fast. Damn, I should have bought it last night then! :sad2: Now I have to hunt it down at the actual Tod's stores. :cry:
  9. I agree... Tods is SUPER durable..
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