Any Tod's bag in movie films?

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  1. Does anybody know about a movie film in which a Tod's bag occurs/is worn by an actress?

    Perhaps in "The Devil Wears Prada"? (Just remembering Miranda Priestly who slams huge numbers of handbags on Andy's desk, but can't remember all the brands.)
  2. Kate Hudson is carrying a black-patent Tod's in "Brides war" and another one in "Raising Helen". Jessica Alba carries one in "The eye"

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  3. Thank you very much for this information, dierregi. I hope in future Tod's bags will occur in some more films. :biggrin:
  4. Kathryn Heigl carries a camel Tods Took bag in the new movie The Ugly Truth.
  5. I saw that. She carried that bag in almost every scene. I thought it looked good on her. I like those Took bags with the turnlocks. The particular one she was carrying probably wouldn't be the best style for me but it looked great on her.
  6. I saw the preview, you are right, it is the Took bag in beige. When I was at the Cabazon Tod's outlet last month, the Took bags in navy, brown, beige, and plaster (off white) were all 50% off of outlet price; $355.00.:biggrin:
  7. Sandra Bullock carried a Tods bag (the D bag I believe) in both "Two Weeks Notice" and "The Proposal".
  8. the bag sandra bullock carries in "two weeks notice" is not the d bag -- it's a much larger different style that isn't available anymore. i don't recall any tods in "devil wears prada."
  9. Just saw "The proposal" and she carries a most gorgeous, huge Prada and an orange Birkin..... don't remember seeing any Tod's even if I though it would have suited her style

  10. Any photos? I am very curious....
  11. Bag from "the Proposal".

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  12. ^that is prada. very nice.

    it's a tv show, not a movie, but it's one of my favorite SATC episodes:


  13. [​IMG]
    Couldn't find a pic of Katherine with the bag but someone on TPF posted this....this is the one she carried