any to be mums tried the juicy trackies?

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  1. they have a pink and ink blue on Neiman Marcus.
    so tempted to order but are they comfy and i am in my fifth month past 2 weeks dont know if they will last long or i could just order the pint terry trackie jacket and wear it with jeans instead of thebottom. what say?;)
  2. I saw a women in a restaurant wearing a Juicy maternity sweatsuit and she looked ADORABLE! Other than the fact that she was beautiful anyway.. she just looked so comfortable, yet chic. I will get one of these when I am preggo!
  3. She was actually wearing this top with same bottoms:
  4. [​IMG]
  5. Actually.... this is the outfit the women I saw was wearing... it is SOOO cute!

  6. They are cute and have lots of belly room in the hoodies, but some styles run a size small, so double check fit. The styling is so similar to my non maternity Juicy, I know I can wear them after baby.
  7. Oh, they look so comfy!
  8. my sister has a few and loves them.
  9. I lived in Juicy through my 2nd pregnancy and I am getting to that point with this one. I love it. Very comfortable and cute. Probably being preg. is the only time I will attempt to leave the house in sweats!
  10. At 9 months I still wear my non-maternity pants, and I gained alot of wieght, around 70 pounds. I would not bother with the pants unless you want a sweatsuit.
  11. I lived in my Juicy! They were so comfortable! :tup:
  12. material me are you having a boy? just guessing aftr i saw your pic:smile:
  14. I didn't buy the maternity ones. The reg ones stretched out fine,and were cute with a long tee, they retained their shape afterwards too.
  15. I know this is an older post, but I wanted to weigh in on the sizing issue, b/c I would have liked to have known prior to ordering. I ordered a maternity valour Juicy track suit in a gorgeous purple color from Nordstrom. Normally, I'm a size 6 Petite. I ordered Medium. The top was fine, but I had to exchange the bottom for a Large. I was really surprised - I've only gained 4 lbs in 18 weeks, and am still wearing a few of my pre-preg clothes. So long story shorter - If you are thinking of getting one for your pregnancy, consider ordering a size up from your regular size. Just my experience for what it's worth. AND you will need hemming if you are a petite height.