Any tips to a low gym membership?

  1. Hi guys,

    I want to sign up for a gym..but I don't want to get locked in a plan where I would get screwed over. I got screwed over before with Ballys and that wasn't very fun..

    May I ask if you guys know any ways around a good deal?
    I totally don't trust the sales reps at gyms.
    They seem to be sharks when it comes to signing people up for their commission I suppose..

    I got an offer at 24 hour fitness for $45/mo and like almost $150 initial fees..and another $45 for the last months fee...that's insane I think.

    A few days later , the SA calls me and tells me theres a 2 day promotion and told me I wont have toi pay any initial fees...I turned it down bc I didn't have $$$ at the time plus I didn't feel like I could trust him.

    Any tips?
  2. Have you heard of Fitness 19?

    Memberships are month-to-month with no hidden fees or confusing contracts, or long-term price increases. I believe the monthly fee is $19.99. They don't offer any of the luxury items like bigger gyms like classes. They mostly have Cardio machines and a place to lift weights. A couple of my coworkers go there and like it a lot.

    I go to 24 hour because one is very close to me and because my fiance has a membership to 24 already. I paid for my membership online and no sales people have called me. They mailed my membership card in the mail to me. They have 30 day memberships for $49, 60 day for $99 and 90 day for $149. I did the 90 day membership.

    The website describes these memberships as:

    Internet Only Special
    Low up-front investment, introductory “trial” membership
    One Club, all days, all hours, access to this location only
    Upgrade your Introductory Membership and we'll credit any unused portion towards the purchase price of a regular membership.
  3. I belong to 24 hour fitness as well and as far as the major gyms I have delt with they have seemed to be the cheepest. I live in Vegas and recently discoverred Las Vegas Athletic Club. There membership is about 550.00 for 3 years. You may want to see if there is a local gym you can check out...sometimes they are cheeper.
    If you want the big gym I would try the online 24 hour memberships as suggested above.
  4. try the YMCA?
  5. I would just suggest shopping around. I'm a member of World Gym, been a member off and on for 3 years and have had no problems with them.

    Good Luck!!! Finding a good Gym is half the battle!!!!! :tup::p
  6. Sometimes work programs have discounts too... I know through my health insurance there is a discount. Sometimes park districts have work out facilities to check out too... that is what my mom does and hers is nice and affordable. Hers runs promotions to not have to pay the initiation fees too. Other than that, I'm no help on an actual gym recommendation though. I go to Ballys. Sorry you got screwed over. I hear horror stories about them, but since I pay an upfront yearly fee of $180 I just stick with it. So far no problems, but like I said, I've heard horrible things about some locations! Hope you find a gym you like.
  7. Don't you have to have membership though in able to use their facilities?
  8. I go to Planet Fitness, it's only $10 a month, $15 if you want tanning and I didn't have to sign any kind of agreement, I can cancel whenever I want to. I did have to pay a $39 dollar start up fee.
  9. That planet fitness sounds cool but there are none in clev area
  10. have you tried l.a fitness? that's where i go and there sign up costs are pretty good :smile: they have great aerobics classes and offer personal training too.. i pay $29.99 plus 7% fl tax monthly.. i also have a personal trainer but that can run a bit high..
  11. I used to live in OC and went to LA Fitness. It was $29/mo, no initiation fee, month to month contract. I used to be a collections agent for Bally's, so I know how they totally screw you over in their agreements, and it's next to impossible to get out of their contracts. At LA Fitness, when I moved, I simply called them up and said I wanted to cancel. No problems - it took all of two minutes for me to cancel my membership. I chose LA Fitness over 24 Hr Fitness because 24 Hr is a meat market and always so crowded.