Any tips on identifying authentic vintage Gucci?

  1. I really want a vintage Gucci clutch or Boston. Anyone has tips on identifying the authentic ones?
  2. Hi! I love vintage Gucci... but sussing out if they're authentic is tricky. I always research the particular style bag on the internet - even look at handbag books to see specific styles that were made during different decades by a house. I bought an authentic vintage gucci bowling bag with stirrup handles (that was re-issued a couple of years ago by Gucci). I found it by searching Ebay for weeks and figuring out which sellers had a track record for vintage gucci... and eventually I just found my bag. Good luck on the hunt!
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  3. Do you mind if I ask you about you got yours for so I have an idea?

    Thanks for the tips! I am researching right now!
  4. If you find one you like and post it on seller's watch I might be able to help you. It is hard to say exactly without pics.

    There was a thread in seller's watch I think it was and it had a link to an ebay about me page that was great! I will see if I can find it and let you know.

    I bought my doctor's bag on ebay too, I looked at tons of auctions to distinguish real from fake. I also had a real one at home too that I bought at the store myself so that helped.

    I love vintage gucci!
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  6. Thanks for all the great tips. I've been doing some research and have a slight idea of what I should look for. I did find something that I think is authentic. I will post it in seller's watch. Thanks a bunch! :smile:
  7. also check out any vintage gucci blog threads for pics!