any tips on how/where to buy a Wii for my son?

  1. EB Games/Gamespot branches will tell us to call every day, which he does, but then later, some will admit that they haven't rec'd shipments in weeks.

    You can order online from EB Games, but they bundle it with other games, making it more expensive.

    eBay etc. is selling them above retail.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. I don't know where you are located, but our local Target in California had quite a few this weekend. Also try Best Buy and Frys.
  3. Try Sears, my friend works at one and he says he gets a few in every so often.
  4. Great ideas...
    It is a tracker that someone sent to me. You can track wii and other stuff too.
  6. Thanks much--I'll continue to gratefully receive other ideas.
  7. i work at best buy, so i'll tell you what i know about how and when we receive ours - it should be the same company-wide.

    normally, they don't come on our regular shipments from our distribution warehouse, which our carried by our trucks. they come via UPS shipment, which is of course independent, and can arrive at any time during the day. as soon as we get them, we put them out. at that point, it's just luck.

    sometimes, though, we'll do what we call "hold for an ad." our ads come out in the sunday paper, and if we have wiis in the ad, then we'll have wiis at the store. usually we get them on our regular truck a day or two in advance and the company requires us to hold them for sunday, since we advertize that we'll have them in stock. this happens every few weeks, and it hasn't happened in a couple, so another one may be coming soon.

    so get up early sunday morning, check the ad in your local paper or online at, and if there are guaranteed in-stock wiis in it, get over to best buy as soon as you can. we open at 11 on sundays, and there are usually only 1 or 2 people outside at 10:30 on wii sundays (that's when i usually report). get there about 10 to be safe, and you should get a wii no problem.
  8. wow sounds so tough... crazy considering they've been out for a while!
  9. Wow, you guys rock! Thanks a million from me and my son.
  10. I would also try Costco/Sams Club if you're a member. I know the Costco near me has been receiving regular shipments.
  11. I've been trying for a few weeks now to get one for my bf, and I've had no luck!
  12. try and they'll have you order it from Amazon. check,, there are lots of options
  13. i saw A LOT at target yesterday when i went (seekonk, ma)
  14. I have been trying to find for my in laws too, without thanks for the suggestions :smile:
  15. Just bought one at walmart!! It's great!