Any tips on how to apply...

  1. concealer on dark circles properly?? I bought the Lancome Effacernes concealer a couple of days ago, and when the SA put it on me; it looked great. So today, I was applying it and it just didn't look as natural and as nice as it did when the SA had done it. I put it on my eyelids as well, (my eyelids and dark circles are pretty much the same colour...while the rest of my face isn't), and I felt that it made the eyeshadow I put on top of it look chalky. Help anyone???!

    Thank you!
  2. First, make sure the area is well moisturized. Use a synthetic-hair brush to dot the concealer on the undereye area, concentrating on the inner half. Most people don't actually have dark circles that extend all the way to the outer edge of the eye.
  3. I like this thread!! I do not use lancome but I find this very helpfull.
  4. Apply moisturizer before the concealer. Use a concealer brush to apply. Last, apply foundation/powder all over face, covering the eyes area also, then apply the eyeshadow.

    Hope this helps.
  5. Talking about concealer...I got this concealer set from sephora awhile back. It has a dark beige, light beige and green and pink concealer. How do you use it? I have some pigmentation that I would like to hide. Which colors should I use?
  6. I have this concealer and have to use it in super tiny doses. Just a tiny dot in each corner of my eye is all I need. I've never used it on my eyelids...I just use foundation and powder for that problem area...hope this helps?? I guess it's different on everyone.
  7. This is good information. I never really knew how to apply it either. My skin is super pale and my eyes don't really have dark circles so much as they look "off".... sort of sunken in underneath the bottom lashes.

    I dab on the concealer with my fingers, but after having read this thread, I'm going to try applying it with a brush.