any tips on getting wrinkles out of clothes?

  1. this is such a silly question... but just thought maybe some of u have wise tips on my little dilemma.
    i have this CUTE pencil skirt that is "no dry clean" "no machine wash" and "no iron".... so i finally got off my lazy butt to handwash it, now its super wrinkly! how do i fix it??
  2. You could hang the skirt in your bathroom e.g. on the back of the door or on a towel bar, then turn on the shower (really hot water) and shut the door allowing the steam from the shower to hopefully get the wrinkles out. HTH
  3. what material is it that doesn't allow you to dryclean, machine wash, or iron?
  4. i heard putting it in the freezer works. just make sure u put it in a bag before putting it in.
  5. I don't know if this will work on your skirt, but Febreeze Wrinkle releaser always works really well on my shirts and stuff.
  6. Was the material "rayon"?
  7. I agree with putting it in the bathroom with the bathtub or shower water on hot and seeing if steam would do the trick.

    I am also curious about what your skirt is made of. I am obsessed with ironing everything before I wear it. Peggy
  8. Doesn't say anything about using the dryer?

    Put it in the dryer on low heat for 10 mins???
  9. I have a little hand steamer I use.. Just put a little water in the bottom & plug it in. I hate to iron so this is a lifesaver!
  10. When I travel, and don't have enough time to iron, I use a blow dryer. I put the garmet on and hit it with the warm air and strech it straight at the same time.
  11. Wet it again and lay it on a flat surface with a towel under it (pref. a drying rack) to dry. Be sure to tug on the sides of it to get out the wrinkles!
  12. Hang it in yoru bathroom while running the hot water-let the steam build up-that will take out some wrinkles. Also-lay it underneath your mattress for a few days-the weight of your body and the mattress will take out some of the wrinkles. One last thing to try-Downy makes this spray on wrinkle remover-you can get it at the supermarket in the aisle with the laudnry stuff-works really well.

    I am the queen of not ironing
  13. use Downy Wrinkle Releaser!!!! Its A Spray On That Gets Rid Of Wrinkles Perfectly.
  14. I use the steamer, also-works well.
  15. Have you tried a steamer? I use my steamer "iron" thing for suits