Any tips on getting this type of hair style?

  1. Like the pic below or in words, the style of Jen's hair in The Break Up when it was tousled and wavy. My hair is thick and pretty much straight. I've been trying different methods to get my hair like this and there's always something wrong with it! :cursing: It's frustrating!!

  2. You could try lightly curling your hair with a large barrelled curling iron and then running you fingers through your hair.
  3. Try to twsit your hair into a bun when it's wet and let it dry like that. When you open your hair it'll look very natural. You can even add a little mousse to your wet hair for extra hold. Love Jen's do also - she's a beauty.
  4. 1. volumizing mouse/styling lotion/gel on wet hair
    2. blow-dry a bit
    3. make a bun or 2 if you have thick hair
    4. blow dry your bun (it doesn't have to be until dry)
    5. leave it to cool off
    6. wavy hair!

    that works for me and I have stick straight hair

    other option in Velcro rollers.. they're godsend for straight hair

    - P
  5. when your hair is a bit damp, try spraying bumble and bumble lotion and holding spray and then scrunch it up with your hands to give it that "natural" look
  6. my hair's like that and it's natural.

    anyway, u can try twirling ur hair in sections, apply some mousse and then use hair dryer to heat/dry it.
    do this repeatedly for the whole head.
    aft that, toussle the hair.