Any tips on establishing a relationship with an SA?

  1. I will be 22 in January and have yet to step foot in an Hermes store. I do plan on buying an Hermes from the store once I completely decide on exactly what I want and have the funds for it without.

    I doubt I can waltz in one day and walk out with a Kelly, Hac, or Birkin -- I'll be lucky if they even have 1 in store to show me. So my question is, what can I do now to establish a good relationship with an SA? I don't want to be seen as the young college kid that bugs the SA and can't really buy anything.

    Tips or suggestions please?
  2. There's really no other way except BUY, BUY, BUY :graucho:

    However, it would help if you could start a friendly chat with the staff in the H stores and show that you are interested and especially show your knowledge towards Hermes products. Could start with smaller items first (like a twilly, bracelet..)

    I always spend some time chatting with my SA even though I go in there and there's nothing interesting for me on the day.
  3. Visit, visit, visit. Yes, buying some stuff may help but make sure you don't end up not having enough money left to purchase a birkin. you must show you're a serious hermes customer by sharing your knowledge about leathers, etc. hermes forum here have those threads to help you. SAs sometimes are clueless and lack of the latest info.
  4. ^^I agree. I always stop in and say hi to the SAs at my local store, admire anything new etc.
  5. Just be yourself.

    Don't go in looking to find "your" SA. Enter the store and chat with one or all of them. Go in with some knowledge and let them see that you know about the merchandise. Only buy what you really want. You won't score that many points buying lots of things. With several visits, I am sure one SA will just click with you and it will all fall into place. Then, work your magic from there. That would be my best advice.
  6. When you find one you like, ask for his/her card and say that you'll be calling or stopping by from some things soon and would love some assistance.
  7. I agree!:yes: If you just go in and buy lots of things you don't need/want to make the SA happy it could add up to be more than a Birkin/Kelly sold by a reseller on eBay.
  8. ^ true. It's really not about buying tons of stuff. You's be shocked at how little I spent at H before I was offered a Birkin. When a SA recognizes that your serious about Hermes in general, and not just Birkins, the magic usually happens. :smile:
  9. and dont' EVER show you are desparate! :heart::biguns:
  10. ^ that is KEY!!!!!!!!!!

    They are sick of people coming in and only talking about Birkins. Trust me. PLay it cool and you'll do fine.
  11. I guess that's my problem ... i hadn't been playing it too cool. I buy lots of stuff, but have yet to get anywhere. But I love Hermes, and they know that I do so I'm obviously still doing something wrong ... my concern here is if I stop buying stuff, then they'll lose interest in me since my SA tends to do that whenever she realizes I'm not buying anything. Can't switch SAs since all the other SAs at the store pretty much knows that I'm "her customer".

    If I need to play it cool and act like I "don't care", then there's no telling if I will get a bag, and I'm the type of person who likes things to be set in stone ... The only other option is Beverly Hills, and I'm really NOT looking forward to going through that whole initiation dance again ...
  12. Agree! That's why I'm not opposed to sometimes just grabbing your dream bag from a reputable reseller on eBay or Yahoo for instant gratification! :yahoo: :nuts:

    Sometimes I look at some of the things I bought over the years and wonder how the heck I'm going to have the time to wear/use some do end up as X'mas or birthday gifts to friends or family. I end up being jealous of said friends/family...and my dog doesn't even appreciate his Hermes dog bag or towel or pochette or chain or tag! Pah! :shrugs:

    Having said that I do love shopping at Hermes OK!! It's my sanity drug and therapy.
  13. I think it also depends on the SA. Some generous-hearted SAs will actually let you have your Birkin sooner than the others, so luck on meeting/choosing the "right" SA counts too IMO.
  14. Honestly, one of the reasons I have not walked into an H store is because I'm slightly scared. I feel like I'm too young for the bags I want in there. Right now the bag I really want is a Kelly since I see it as something that can be passed if I ever have kids. I also love the casual look
    of the Birkin and HAC. All of these bags seem to be for women who are older and with successful careers. I'm still finishing school. At this point, I feel like my best bet for a store would be Hawaii just because everything there has a casual laid back vibe. I love how the locals walk in and out of designer stores in sandals, shorts, and print tops and are all treated very respectfully.

    I guess I've just had bad luck in high end stores because I usually get snubbed since I look really young (my dentist still thinks I'm 16).

    I thought I would settle for a Bolide since it's
    more fitting for my age group but I don't really want a zip close bag.

    I also feel
    slightly pressured to buy ASAP with all these price hikes going around too :wtf:
  15. ^ don't settle for anything!

    Have you seen the Paris Bombay? I think it's young and very cute!
    And you are NOT too young for a Kelly!