Any tips on cleaning a dirty Vernis ...

  1. I have a mono vernis wallet in that light tan color and color from a red dress I wore somehow transferred to the wallet (about six months ago so it's really baked in). When I took into the LV store they said there was no hope :crybaby:. Does anyone know any tips for cleaning the vernis leather?
  2. Sorry, but the store is right, nothing works on transfer :sad: At least nothing I have seen. The magic eraser can work on scuffs, and vachetta, but not transfer.
  3. tink.
    When u clean the vachetta w/magic eraser do u use it when it's really wet or little damp?
  4. i wanna know too
    i might get my first vernis piece soon
  5. Thanks guys for all your comments. ch3rryb3rry, just be careful if you buy a lighter colored vernis. Keep it away from darker colored items because the color may transfer and lock in. What is this magic eraser and where do you get it? Does it really work on the vachetta? Im really scared to clean items myself. I feel like I'll damage it.