Any tips on buying a mattress?

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  1. I'm a mattress-buying virgin. Any pearls of wisdom would be much appreciated:smile:
  2. Actually I ´d like to know as well I need to buy a bed !
  3. Take your time and go to a store with a big selection. Don't be embarassed to lay down on all of them in the store and really test them out to make sure you get one you really like. :yes: Also, check the return policy - some places will let you return a mattress within the first 30 days or so, if it turns out that you don't like it. You also might want to check out discontinued models - you can sometimes get a really good price if the store is trying to get rid of an old style. Hope this helps. Good luck!
  4. I bought my first mattress by myself about 2 years ago. Well I got one w/ a cushion(one-sided) already on it...big mistake b/c every so often you're supposed to flip your mattress. I can't do that w/ mine b/c the box spring would smush the cushion. I recommend getting a regular mattress & buying a removable cushion top (if that was the route you were going). Hoped that helped alittle.
  5. I just bought one! Its a pillow-top Simmons and I LOVE it!

    Just remember that all mattresses are marked up at least 100%. So you have a LOT of bargaining room. Do not buy at the first store. Shop around and when the price drops about 50%, tell other stores what you were offered and where when you are ready to buy. They will most likely offer a better deal.

    I just noticed that you are in France. I'm not sure how it works there but this worked for me in the US!
  6. i also bought a simmons pillow-top! i love love love it! i recently received a settlement for having broken my leg and shattered my ankle on canada post property, so the first thing i did was buy a new bed, since my old one was as old as me (26).

    the pillow-top is memory foam and it really helps with my back (which was starting to suffer from the oldness of my mattress!). it was the first one i tried (but not the only), and the one i ended up choosing because it was the most comfortable.

    being in a small town, i had very little choice in where to go, so it was the only place i went to (a local furniture store), but i was treated like a queen.

    one more piece of advice, though: remember that it will take a few days - if not more - for you to get used to the new mattress, especially if your mattress is as old as mine was (which i doubt). i'm still having trouble sleeping because my body hasn't adjusted yet. HTH! :smile:
  7. I had back surgery so I have to be really picky about what mattress I choose. I went to Sleep Country in Toronto.

    I got a Simmons Beauty Rest. (I WANTED a Tempurpedic sleep system but it was too expensive.)

    I love it because it's firm but soft at the same time.

    And I agree with everyone else. Try them out. (And don't buy the first one you see. Shop around and see if you can't get a better price. Or wait for a big mattress sale.)
  8. If you can afford a Temperpedic (sp?) I wouldn't go any further-you can't go back, after a while on good foam mattress. I have a Simmons pillow-top, 2.5 yrs old, I agree with all the other tips here, check out the ads in your local paper (around here there are nothing BUT mattress stores), buying a mattress is a little disconcerting-it's not like other merchandise as you have to lie down! Bon chance!
  9. Yeah, I couldn't afford the Temperpedic. Someday, though . . .
  10. But I love the mattress I have. If you don't have a good place to sleep, you're miserable.
  11. We are on our second Temprepedic. They have a 20 yr warranty! DH has a bad back & this is the only one he gets relief on.
  12. lol. A question i can answer! Go to any mattress store and check out/try their beds. When you've settled on something you like, don't buy it at the store. Instead, call up the company that makes it and see if they can give you a better price. If the first representative doesnt oblige, hang up, and call again to get another person. This is the technique I used to get my Sleepys mattress, and it worked like a charm. I paid $250 for a $700+ for a full size set.
  13. We have had really good luck with our Simmons mattress. The key I learned when buying a mattress is that you have to buy different types of mattresses for the type of sleeper you are. If you are a side sleeper you need a different firmness vs a back sleeper. (At least that is what I've been told)
  14. I'm a Stearns & Foster girl. They are expensive but worth it. I don't know how their prices compare with Tempurpedic.

    Go to a retail store to look, like Macy's, etc., and write down the name of the brand and model that you want. Then go to a discount store like Sleep Train or Mattress Discounters. All the mattress companies use different model names for different stores. You will be able to get the same mattress at a discount store but it will just have a different name. Sometimes the discount stores will give you even a further discount if you buy that day and/or you pay with cash.
  15. I love my Duxiana bed! Go to The DUX® Bed

    They are expensive, I think mine (a king size) was around $10,000.