any tips for travel in India?

  1. I am planning to go to India in May. I know it's bad time for Inida, it's going to be so hot. But, that's the only time I would get my vacation days.
    So, just wondering if anyone here has been to India? What would you remconmmend?
    I would have five days in India.

    Any suggestion would be much appreciated!!!!!!!

    Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Where in India are you planning to visit? What region or cities?
  3. Cons:
    -Only drink your own bottled water
    -Be careful how you give away money or candy to a child, because pretty soon there will be a hundred kids around
    -Dress smart for the weather and travel
    -No fancy handbags or exposed cash
    -watch the cows in the road
    -keep a strong mind because theres a lot of poverty in some parts that will really hurt your heart.. I was always crying..

    -take advantage of the cheap clothes, silks and fabric
    -if youre in the north, Rajasthan has beautiful palaces that are not the typical "touristy" places, they like hidden gems that are incredible
    -if youre visiting the Taj Mahal, save money by buying trinkets from little dealers (money goes right to their famalies too) as opposed to the more expensive, same souveniers from the Taj people
    -enjoy the classic Hindu religion, the whole country is such a great learning experience
  4. wow, thank you!!
    I am planning to stay in the norht part since I only have 5 days there.
    I read some articles about travelling in India, but there is less information about India than other countries in Asia. But I am so excited. There are so many things in this country that I want to explore!!!!!
  5. My friend who just went to India over winter break said she got a pedicure for $2 - I forget how many rupees she said it was, but I couldn't believe it was onluy $2 USD! Also, indulge in the little luxuries over there - the fabric and trinkets are so incredibly gorgeous - when she brings stuff back I just swoon! Have an incredible time!
  6. Oohh /Drools..Indian food :biggrin: /closes mouth
    I wish you a fun time there..I've never been there so can't give you any tips sorry.
  7. hehe, ok, so far, food , shopping, and beautiful palace, seems i really have a lot work to plan.
  8. One thing that my friend told me about the taxi's in India (and though it sounds crazy it happens very very often)
    Generally Cab drivers there are untrustworthy, many of them work on commission for their friends whom own 1/2 star inns. They ask what hotel you are staying at to ring up to confirm your booking/ inform them your coming or misc. reason i which they ring up their friends whom claim to be the hotel manager who would apologize profusely to you claiming they have lost your appointment, at that point the cab driver will inform you that they know a friend whom has a hotel you can stay at instead, at that point they will drive you out of the city to go to this isolated and unhygienic (basically hostel) to maximize their ticker charge and receive the commission from the dodge hotel. so if they ever offer to ring the hotel insist they don't because you have already rung to confirm your appointment and demand that they deliver you to that destination.
    Also its best clear your bladder when embarking on a cab ride, and not to leave your luggage in the boot of the car as sometimes the cab driver will pull up at a petrol station to fill up on gas/let you use the bathroom, claim they don't have any money to pay for the gas and need the half fare now hence you give them money meanwhile when your doing your business they run off with your luggage and valuables.
    I know both of these methods are very well thought out and deep but they happen constantly unfortunately the standards of life aren't as developed as other countries and the people must result to such extreme measures for money ethical or not.
  9. Have you had all of your shots? Be very careful to avoid street food unless you are up to date on your vaccinations, esp. typhoid. Also, when drinking bottled water, don't forget to skip the ice! Use bottled water to brush your teeth, too.

    Lonely Planet makes an excellent guide that my parents used when they last went in 2005 (and we're Indian!). Try not to be too freaked out by the driving there, since it can get pretty crazy with so many cars sharing the same road. Also, the various shopping areas aren't as well organized as you might think- i.e., you have to go to one part of town for one type item and another part for other things, so plan in advance.

    Bring sunscreen and if you're traveling alone, don't look men squarely in the eye if they stare you down. You'll have a great time finding deals on goods there. If you plan in advance, you can even have outfits custom made for you before you leave (although you might have to pay a little more for the convenience). The tailors there really are masters at their craft.

    Here's an online guide: India travel guide - Wikitravel

    Have a great time! PM me if you have anymore questions and I'll ask my folks.
  10. Oh, and please bring a supply of Immodium AD and Pepto Bismol with you to avoid "Delhi Belly". Also, if you ever get stuck as far as food options, there are plenty of Western fast food places to choose from.