any tips for online shopping?

  1. what do you want to see on the website? how do you get to feeling comfortable buying a bag you have never really seen? what questions do you ask the seller?
  2. What kind of sites are you referring to? Shopping at a department store's online site vs. small boutique online site vs eBay vs shady sites selling so-called authentic bags for cheap are ALL very different experiences.

    If you've never seen a bag, make sure the site has a solid return policy. You can also check here for threads about certain retailers, to hear about others' experiences with them.

  3. Couldn't put it better myself:
    1. reputation/reliability
    2. return policy

    ARE key
  4. I would never buy a bag I haven't seen, felt adn tried on from an online store:nogood:
    So it would HAVE TO be a bag I've tried on at an amazing price w/ stellar customer service :biggrin:
    . . . all reasons why I haven't been able to buy a bag online ;)
  5. Lots and lots of pictures. Pictures on a model (and tell us how tall the model is), pictures from all sides, pictures of all the colors, pictures of the lining, etc. Also helps if the description is detailed: what kind of leather, what metal is the hardware, the dimensions, etc.
  6. Make sure they have their address and phone number listed too! If you're not able to contact them, thats a big no-no!
  7. Swanky Mama -- not even if you'd be able to return it? I figure that if I see an online deal and, say Saks is only a subway ride away to return, then why not? Especially when I can get free shipping? Just saves me the dealing with the crowds issue...
  8. I've had outstanding service with: Luna Boston; Active Endeavors; MZ Wallace; BLVD; Linnea Pelle; Net-a-Porter; and ELuxury. Not that many others aren't good also, I just have personal experience with these.
  9. :nogood:
  10. I ask the seller about their suppliers. I also look at the large version of the bag so I can see the seam, shoulder handle and zippers if they are genuine.
  11. I try to go to a department store to look at the bag in person first. If you can find the website of the bag's designer you can often find a dept store nearby that carries it, even if the dept store charges more than you want to pay, you can go and look!

    If I can't see the bag in person first I try to make sure the site I'm buying it from has a return policy, unless it's a bag by a maker I am very confident about re: consistent quality (which for me is pretty much only Rebecca Minkoff, MJ, Botkier, but even styles and materials within a designer's line can vary so I think it's always best to see in person.)

    For me there really is no substitute for seeing a bag in person -- the colors and quality of the leather can never be totally accurately communicated via picture, IMO (not to mention how it will actually look ON me!)
  12. All of the above and I'll add
  13. Be sure to check around for free shipping codes and discount codes when ordering online. Most retailer offer codes to entice more shoppers.
  14. Always pay with a credit card, NEVER with a debit card. Debit cards don't offer the same type of protection as credit cards if you get stuck with a counterfeit.
  15. I only shop at the major on-line stores such as Saks, NMs, Sephora, Zappos, etc. From I only buy books and music.