Any tips for finding a Sabrina?

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  1. I am stalking the outlets closests to me, Orlando and St. Augustine (although they are over an hour away) by calling every day..I went to both in Orlando twice this weekend. Should I just keep calling? Anything else I should do? I am hoping to find a leather patent in just about any color. All I keep hearing from the SA is "oh, we had a ton of them last week!"
  2. Keep calling every day and one will show up (whether as a return or transfer or whatever). There are sporadic patent sabrinas at my own outlets, and it's always just one sitting by her lonely. I was amazed to find an ombre sabrina two weeks ago-- I was SURE they were gone, but they weren't! So just keep trying and one will most likely show up.
  3. Try calling before they open each morning to see if they have any, they answer the phone before they open and do a charge hold if they have one. Also try calling at about 4:00pm, they restock from the warehouse in the afternoon. They go fast in Orlando. You can also see if they can do a charge send from Sawgrass/Naples/Destin, some people say they don't do them, but when I have been there during the week and they weren't very busy they checked for me.
  4. Sawgrass had a pilot mahogany large on Friday. The handles had some scuff marks and they were only willing discount another 10% so I didn't get it. It might still be there, give them a call.
  5. I feel your pain. I've been on the hunt for a Sm. Cranberry (heck I'll settle for cherry at this point), Sm. Amethyst, or a small Sm. Plum Sabrina! (I just found out about the plum pilot color from other TPFers~had no idea that color even existing before here).
    I constantly check my local outlets thread about what people see, go once a week, call and I am never able to find one.
    I always seem to miss them by a day according to my fellow TPF'ers and the SAs at the outlet. Plus my outlet says they don't do client tracker for boutique transfers anymore (which makes absolutely no sense to me since who wants to be put on client tracker for a MFF bag, because they tend to have plenty of those). Good luck on your continued search!!!!
  6. Ask, and ask and ask again. Go in and ask them to check the back, check the clearance, check if any other stores nearby would have them. Some will do this for you.

    I went in asking about Sabrinas, the first answer was no, then there was one, then the SA went to the back and found 4!
  7. Thanks! I have to do most of my checking by phone since I am so far away, but was in Orlando over the weekend and stalked both stores, asked several different SA's and didn't luck out, but I will continue my hunt. If I find one at either orlando stores or the St augustine, I will make the drive that day to pick it up. Otherwise, I will be in Orlando again in a few weeks and will stalk again.
  8. I have been hunting for them as well. I hit up my outlet and asked for them and of course they say they don't have them, then about an hour later I see a lady walking around with one! She puts it down and I got it! I have never seen a leather one at an outlet. I have bought two op art Sabrinas at the outlets though and seen other op arts being purchased as well. I do love the Op Art Sabrinas but now that I have two I really want a leather or patent leather one. They are hard to find I think you have to keep calling and going back and asking several different SA when you go. Good luck!
  9. The hunt continues, I found a small cranberry at one, but I really need a large one. I think they are getting tired of me calling!!!
  10. The only easiest way to find Sabrina is on Ebay. I got one from there in November. I thought they would discontinue making Sabrina (since they have Audrey). So, I thought I would had to try to get one. I was willing to pay almost double for what they've got because I couldn't resist having it. Now, I am not dreaming any. It sit in its sleeping bag :smile:
  11. I was in orlando premium outlet this past weekend and they had a pink op art sabrina out in clearance section. When I asked the SA she went in the back and she brought out a camel patent sabrina. I asked if they had a black or espresso but she said they sold that the night before. I have been on a client tracker list for a black leather sabrina at the sawgrass for about a month now and I haven't heard from them. But I am still on a look for A black leather Sabrina. But I do love my camel leather sabrina. It is such a neutral color. I got it July 2009 for around $250. Hope you find one soon.
  12. Squeaky, can I ask when you were at the outlet?? I was there twice this weekend and called numerous times during the day and always told NONE. I am getting very frustrated. Was the camel patent a large or small one?
  13. I don't think there's really any tips...with outlets it is all about timing. I know people always say why don't the sales associates ever look harder when you call, call and call but the thing is there could be someone just like you, whose just as much of a diehardcoachfan there, stalking the outlets for the Sabrina. and, customers in the store always have a slight priority and advantage over those who (I'm not near any outlets either!!) aren't.

    calling them over and over is up to you. but honestly I'd just wait. sooner or later one will pop up or on eBay (:
  14. I have been searching for the large Sabrina, and may just have to get it off of *bay to have it. I am just kind of hesitant as to whether or not they're authentic? Since purchasing it off of *bay, have you had it authenticated? If so, would you mind giving me that seller's name? I don't know who to trust on that site!
  15. If you are unsure about authenticating something yourself, post in the Authenticate This thread. The ladies here are very helpful and knowledgeable. You will find a great one!