any tips for cleaning my azur speedy?

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  1. Hello everybody. Just got an azur speedy off of "EVIL"-bay. Smells of smoke. Had some gum in the bottom of the inside... lots of tiny stains inside I want to try and get cleaned up... Described as "gently used!" and "only a year old!" No more ebay for me! So I got a lot of the gum off and tried to get stains out with a tide pen- worked a little bit but left subtle water stains. Then I sprayed the inside with febreze to get the smoke smell out... left some water stains. Also... the threading on the top of the purse along the zipper isn't really white (kinda looks dirty but I'm not sure if it's the real color of the thread or not). Any one have any suggestions on how i can remove stains from inside the bag without leaving water marks? Any idea how to clean the outside stitching and how to get the smoke smell out?? I got a nice deal on the purse, so i'm going to put up with all of its flaws and make it my own. Wish I could've been able to afford a new purse, but i thin ki have come to the conclusion that it's better not even to have it at all than buying something used and destroyed :sad:
    Anyone have an advise for the clean up?
  2. No guarantees and try at your own risk but personally I would vacuum the inside, turn it inside out and hang it outside for some fresh air then bring it inside and stuff with newspaper. If after a few days it still doesnt smelll better replace with new newspaper and leave a cup of coffee beans inside. For little stains, I'd cut some makeup wipes into small pieces and try to remove it using those. HTH.
  3. :/. If the seller has a return policy, I would try to return it & get my money back. That is not "gently" used.

    but yeah, try letting the bag air out by turning it inside out.
  4. Lovin my bags purse candies insta smell remover! For the stains - sorry, no idea!