Any Tips for Calling Paris to buy a bag shown on tPF?

  1. In LiscenseToCook's newest thread, she posted pics of the windows in Paris during her trip. I am love with the Kelly Pochette, and want to call the store to buy it. I have never dealt with Paris before. Any tips on calling there? Do I ask for the manager, ask whoever ansers the phone? Does anyone know how often they change their windows? I don't speak French but want to tell them it was or is in the window....
  2. well call and say bonjour, then apologize for not speaking french but say your friend saw a brown jpg kelly in the window you would like to buy. i think all the members would agree not to mention tpf though. but have you checked your local store's computer? maybe you could find one in your country.
  3. I don't know if I remember correctly. I don't think they sell the bags in the display. Hopefully they have the same one in stock in the back. Tell us how it goes after
  4. Good luck! I am keeping my fingers crossed for you! It is a fabulous bag!
  5. Why should she not mention The Purse Forum????? Weren't some members interviewed for a newspaper article?
  6. Ya know, I have seen a lot of these lately at stores in the US...have you tried calling any of the stores near you, or even not near you, but still in the States? I would suggest Wall Street in NY as they have a ton of stock, possibly Charlotte since they seem to be OK with phone calls or King of Prussia since they're super nice.

    Beautiful little bag!
  7. Thanks!! Great idea! Especially since Paris is 9 hours ahead of Arizona!
  8. I hope you can find this beauty luv2shophandbag:smile:
  9. H&H: Thanks! Me too!
  10. CXYVR: Mrs, Sparkles told me the same thing!:crybaby: Oh, I hope there is one in the back. I don't know if there is one like this in the US. My SA told me it only comes in exoitics and swift, and Mrs. S thinks this is evercalf...
  11. O well, just do it!!!! you have nothing to loose... tell them a friend shot a nice window picture and you just fell in love.... France... the people of love :smile:
  12. I am ALMOST sure they had this bag in Wall Street---I COULD be wrong, but I really really think I saw it not long ago. Crossing my fingers for you!
  13. Thanks Cynthia & H&H!!! Ijust have to have this bag!!!!!!!!!!!!! Does anyone have an SA at Wall Street?
  14. Luv2 - you'll definitely find this bag in the US - I agree with MrsS about the evercalf (I have a black one that looks just like this). My SA says Paris is pushing evercalf in lieu of box which is SO only for these at the moment so they pop up quite often :tup:
  15. The items from window displays in Paris are not for sale --- they are produced by Leila Menchari who has been doing them for years and often include one of a kind pieces. There is the amazing book "Les Vitrines ---" (what is the rest of the name it) which features many windows of the past and has history on Menchari.
    This is not to say that a similar item couldn't be found there or somewhere else, but that is the policy.