Any tips for a first-time Chanel buyer?

  1. I'm planning to buy my first Chanel and I'm looking for any "been there, done that" tips from the experts! I have a pair of sunglasses, but this will be my first purse! Yeah!

    I'm thinking about getting either a GST or a PST...not sure what color...dark, though. Is the PST a lot smaller than the GST?

    I'm a mom of 2 (ages 6 and 2) , so I need a sturdier bag that can stand up to some wear and tear. Plus, I'll be using it as a day-to-day bag.

    There is a Chanel boutique here so I figured I'd buy it there, but they also sell them at my local Saks. Is there any advantage or disadvantage to either?

    And, if I understand correctly, I need to buy it before Nov 1st, right? That's when the price increase takes effect?

    I love this site, by the way! It needs a "Chanel 101" section, though. It has taken me all day to decifer the abbreviations! And I'm still lost on some of them! I need a color guide...a style guide...a size guide (227? 228?)...I could go on and on...;)

    Any tips or suggestions are very much appreciated!

  2. No Saks near me does Chanel so can't comment on Saks v. boutique, although I always enjoy going to the Chanel store and since it's your first they might have the largest stock to look at/try on. Advice - just buy something that you really love; for me the PST was too small for daily use, I have a black GST that I adore so much I had to force myself to put her in the closet for a 'rest' - for me it is a perfect everyday bag. I would love one in Navy, too. (But, a lot of Chanel totes are great 'daily' bags, so see what works for you) good luck and have fun! :smile:
  3. my advcice is try everything on! People are told their first piece should be a Classic Flap. . . this is NOT true for everyone {certainly not me! :p}
    Go when you have some time and visit a couple of different stores, they all have very different stock.
    As to who to buy from? You'll know when you get there:yes: If you visit a Neiman's, SAKS, or a Chanel boutique, one will stand out to you in the way of customer service. Get friendly w/ the SA that is best and they will help guide you.
    A GST or a PST is PERFECT for us Moms. A PST is quite a bit smaller than a GST, but a GST can get pretty heavy as it's bigger and holds more junk.
    Try on both, you'll know which one is right for you.
  4. If they are close and convenient I'd go to both Sak's and Chanel to browse around. Both will have different items and you will get different and new information from each place. each SA is a bit different. I'd also shop your SA too, to find out who fits your personality so you feel comfortable and will trust their opinion.

    I'd look through the reference threads andcChanel in action threads on this site, to see different bags, how they are worn etc...that should give you a good starting place to "shop and browse"
    I'd look at all the bags, and if you see a color you like but not the style, or a style but not in the color you like, don't be afraid to ask what colors it was made in or what styles came in a particular color.
    Keep on open mind...what you think you might want...haha maybe changed when you get there. But also dont' feel pressured to get something you don't like or aren't feeling. Many SA (sales Associates) are pushy, but its you who will have to own the bag, so just push back :smile:

    Also, the one good thing about department stores is they generally have longer return policies. WHereas CHanel has a 14 day return policy.
  5. Go through the reference section here on the forum and look at all the different bags, especially the modeling pics of the girls holding their bags. That helped me decide what to get. Anything in the caviar is going to be nice and durable for you. I guess I would figure out what color is going to suit you the best and then start looking at the bags that are available in that color. Have fun!! There is so much to learn about Chanel and all of it is available on this site...
  6. I think u should go try some bags on-I personally love the GST for an everyday tote but u have find out what is comfortable for u to carry. A classic flap is also a great choice-but maybe not for everyday. Go explore Chanel at whatever stores u have access to-Neimans,Saks or one of the
    chanel stores.Good luck-and let us know what u decide on!
  7. ^^I totally agree :smile:
  8. One thing that I can share with you, you might want to look at the caviar leather. I am a mom myself, and 'accidents' happen (a lot! LOL), and for me, caviar is the way to go - as it maintenance free and I never have to worry about it. Happy Shopping!
  9. If you have a special Sales Associate at Saks or NM or Nordstrom, they can order you pretty much anything. One of the things I like about dealing wih these stores is the rewards they give when you use their credit card. I am very loyal to Nordstrom. Another great thing about buying from one the department stores, as someone said above, is the return policy. I have had to return defective bags to Nordstrom. No matter how long you have had it, they will make it good.
  10. Thanks for all the great advice!

    I have a NM and a Nordstrom here, too, so I'll have to see what they carry. Do all NM and Nordstrom's carry Chanel? I looked on the Chanel website and they only listed the Chanel boutique and Saks as retail locations in my area. Hmm... I'll have to check it out!

    Thanks!! Oh, what is an ECG? How does it work?
  11. I'm not sure about Neiman Marcus, but only a few Nordstroms carry Chanel. If you know what you want you can call one of those stores.The sales associate at Mall of America and Seattle are wonderful.
    I live in Baltimore and our Nordstrom is really lacking.
  12. no, not all NM or Nords carry Chanel. Call before:yes:
  13. don't let the upcoming price increase get to you. Take your time so you can choose a bag you're really gonna love.