any Tie Dye left?

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  1. Are any of the Tie Dye items left @ Off Fifth? I am looking for either the Springvale or Westfield :smile:
  2. they were never at my off fifth.
  3. anyone else?! :-/
  4. There were loads of Tie-Dyes and Chain Plaids at one of the NRs in the area, but this was MONTHS ago. They are, of course, all sold out. There were Springvales, Hopewells, Newtons, and Enfields (Morant/Hazelwood). The Springvale and Hopewell were WAY TOO HEAVY for my liking. I couldn't imagine how much heavier it would feel with all my junk actually inside!
  5. :-/ so did they only go to Rack? Not Fifths?
  6. I got my Tie Dye hopewell at NR in April, it was the only tie dye left.
  7. Ah! I will never get it :sad:
  8. gonezo..... :sad: