Any thoughts??????

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  1. #1 Jan 28, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 28, 2009
    Been looking and thinking of purchasing purses from Banana Republic.
    Any thoughts? suggestions? comments?? yes:tup: no:tdown:maybe:confused1:
  2. I've never seen any irl but I hear they make nice bags!
  3. nice leather, cute style...
  4. I bought one a while back and it held up amazingly well, and the leather was really nice too! I'd recommend buying one when it's on sale though - as with pretty much everything Banana Republic carries, the handbags go on major sale after a few months!
  5. I have never seen them IRL either, but I have heard great reviews : ) What bags are you considering?
  6. First, I'm a purse blog newbie, what is "IRL"? :shrugs:
    I'm loving all their purse right now esp 30% off on new purses already! I'm eyeing their new totes and satchels.
  7. Aaw, thanks!
    Not seeing them IRL :P (look at me go!!) means not a lot of people are buying them then, which is kinda good. I dont really like it when you're walking around and you see everyone carrying the same thing.
  8. Oh, heck! There's nothing wrong with Banana Republic purses. Some are made even better than some designer purses, whose names I won't mention.
  9. I guess for some people just because the purse would not cost them an arm and a leg its not good quality :true:
  10. hi!

    wanted to give you 2 tips:
    one is make your title of yout thread more descriptive - no one can tell you're asking for Banana republics bag opinions:idea:

    two is do a search, you'll see that a lot of people here actually like BR bags and they're discussed once in a while:yes:
  11. #13 Jan 28, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 28, 2009
    Not quite the tip I was looking for but :okay: thanks!
  12. those are 2 of the most important tips for getting people to respond to you ;) Trust me.