any thoughts?

hi all!
i''m having a big (read: HUGE!) birthday coming up...i am going to treat myself to an amazing bag...i'll have around 1200 to's the caveat...this is going to have to last me a YEAR!!!! and i don't want to get 2 or 3 bags for that money...i have a relatively new gustto baca, hayden harnett inka hobo, kooba natasha and bulga butterfly drawstring...
SO, if you had 1200 to spend...what would you get? LV is out of the question...
any thoughts?!?!
(i'm thinking prada gauffre, balenciaga day bag...)


Nov 24, 2006
Ooo, how exciting! Happy birthday, first of all!

The Bal day bag is definitely a good choice cause it's 995 so you'll still have money left over for a wallet or some other accessory. I think Prada gauffres cost way more than 1200 (around 1800 - 2000 I think). Maybe you could consider a Miu Miu? They're also less than 1200 and have a few styles that are gorgeous!

What do you think about these?


Nov 24, 2006
the peggy is gorgeous! thanks for the pictures...there is a gauffre that i'm looking at that i it is:
Neiman Marcus
and it's 1290....
what do you think?
: )
OH! I thought you were talking about the leather gauffres :P I'm not usually a big fan of Prada nylon bags, but I'm really liking their nylon gauffres. The style you like is so cute, and it seems like it would be really practical.

But I guess if I were choosing between the day and the gauffre, I'd go for the day, simply cause it's a little cheaper, and I'm a sucker for soft squishy leather! :P


Jul 31, 2006
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Oh, to have $1200 to spend on a bag....lucky you, birthday girl! Spend wisely, and the bag will not only last you a year, it will last far beyond that - but the trick is, you gotta love, love, LOVE it! Then you'll carry often and cherish it so it will have been $ well spent :smile: Given the bags you already have, I'd suggest something more classic and timeless - not necessarily conservative, but something that won't look dated in a few years. I'm not a huge fan of the gauffre (for some reason it reminds me of a 70s ruffled tux shirt :shrugs:) but Bbags are classic! Post pics of whatever you get, and HAPPY BDAY!!


Aug 6, 2006
I LOVE that Gryson, gorgeous! I think the Bbag also is a great choice. Happy B-day Songofthesea!