Any thoughts? ? ?

  1. So I just got my first Toki last week.:wlae: I have been obsessed with Tokidoki LeSportsac since it came out but I never had the money. From the moment I opened the box and got my hands on my priced possession, I was hooked. I have been on a Tokidoki high ever since:nuts:. I am now on a hunt for Tokidoki hoodies, shirts, toys and everything in between. Ladies, I do believe I have an addiction problem!:upsidedown:

    Here two pics of my Campeggio beauty at the bottom!:graucho:

    I found a Denaro in the Amore print and I want to know if I should go for it.
    What do you gals think?

    It looks real :shrugs:. . . the pics are at the bottom.

    I asked the seller for a picture of the underside of the zipper as well as a picture of the qee and the gold ball chain they claim to have. :yes:
    toki.JPG toki2.JPG toki3.JPG my awesome purse.JPG my awesome purse 2.JPG
  2. Congratz on the lovely campeggio!

    The denaro looks good. Do you like the print placement? is the price ok for u? if u answer yes then go for it :tup:
  3. I wish it was a bit cheaper but the only issue is that I have not been able to find it anywhere. :crybaby: And I really oober want it. lol :drool:

    And thank you!!!