Any thoughts, option? Please Help!!

  1. It has been quite awhile since I posted on the PF and I am having a huge delimma as I can’t seem to say no to any Birkin bags. Unfortunately, I have to make a couple of difficult decisions like which bags to get rid of and hoping to get some help. Let me just say I am having a very hard time with this. It is extremely embarrassing to say, but I feel like I have an emotional attachment to these bags.:crybaby:

    I just received a letter from H in Paris that a crocodile Birkin bag I ordered last year is ready but of course I can’t buy every bag even though that seems to be what I have been during for past year. I have a total of 8 Birkins and need to sell 2. Here are the bags in my collection:

    35CM in Black, Blue Jean, Vermillion in togo
    35CM in Etoupe in swift
    35CM in Gold and Vert Anis ostrich
    30CM in Gold in togo
    25CM in Etoupe in swift

    I have already decided to get rid of the 25cm but I need to sell one more, any thoughts? I can’t decide and it is killing me that I have to do this.

    Thank you for your help, thoughts or opinion.:smile: :smile:
  2. Have you thought about eBay or consignment?

    Good luck paring down your bag collection I bet it is hard to part with them............
  3. I would sell the gold 30cm.
  4. I would sell the gold ostrich.
  5. Actually - I'm wavering I just came back to say that too Cobalt....

    Gold Ostrich - see ya! ;)
  6. :heart: I love to be validated, handybags! I am strictly a cow girl, but if you made me choose ostrich, I would STEER away from the "natural" colors in favor of blue roi, rouge vif, or black....

    But, I am a COW girl, thats why I picked what I did!

    Good luck Moda, this cannot be easy! :p
  7. Another vote for the gold ostrich
  8. Cow....


    ya killing me :lol: :lol:
  9. Best of luck Moda - just think how exciting it will be to have that croc though.....
  10. One of the golds...
  11. I would sell the gold togo. I love ostrich!
  12. I would keep the black, blue jean and etoupe because I think that covers so many different outfits.

    Then add your croc for a gorgeous exotic and that should be all you need (want is a different matter!)
  13. I was thinking sell one of the gold ones since you have two. The gold 30cm is your only 30, and since you are selling the 25 I think you should keep the 30. So...I am in agreement with others here who voted to let go of the gold ostrich. You'd get more money for this, too, than from the gold 30 in togo.
    Also, since you will be getting a croc, this would lessen the pain of letting go of one of your exotics. If you really love ostrich, you still have your vert anis.
  14. You have too many very similar gold/etoupe neutrals, I would sell one of the two glod and one of the two etoupe.
  15. This is have two should go along with the 25.