Any thoughts on where to buy Compagnon?

  1. Looking for the large Compagnon in a dark fun color (ink, grenat, sapin, blueberry). Who has those in stock? NM Denver only carries a couple of Moneys.
  2. I do not know if they are real, but a seller named modasupply has a grenat, a a black, and a sapin in the BIN section of EBay. But I stress that I don't know if they're real.
  3. Why don't you call Bal NY or Barneys?
  4. They look kind of suspect, only because their inventory is too huge to be believed.

    Thanks maxmara, will do.
  5. If I remember correctly, "modasupply" sells fakes (you might want to review the thread of the websites/sellers that sell fake goods).

    I was just at Barneys NY (Chestnut Hill, MA), and they had a few Compagnon Wallets available, one which had really fabulous leather (it was the Greige/Grey color). They also had the Camel and Truffe Compagnon wallets. I was lucky ... I managed to get another Compagnon in the Rouge Vif color, but I have yet to see it in the Blueberry, Blue India, Sapin or Grenat colors. I agree with one of the other posts in that your best bet would be to call Balenciaga-NYC.
  6. Van Ravenstein had an Ink one a couple of weeks ago - They're in Amsterdam and (as far as I know) will ship overseas. I'm sure they had a Burgandy/Grenat one too. I could have been mistaken on that as I was too busy staring at the boobies.
  7. I know BalNY had Ink and Grenat about 3 weeks ago.