Any thoughts on Trouville?

  1. I saw the small one today in LV and it was so cute. IMO, it looked better than the speedy. What do you think? Is it possible to carry around with kids?
  2. i love the trouville... i think it's great looking... but i don't know if it's easy to open and get stuff...
    i especially love the MC trouville in while... *drool*
  3. i love that style too. it's on my 'wish list'! :yes:
  4. i have the white Multicolore Trouville and :heart::heart: it! it's a great bag, and can fit so much. and it's not as common as the Speedy :yes:
    trouville 001.jpg trouville 002.jpg
  5. GO FOR IT!!! Look at how FABULOUS Salma looks with her mono Trouville:
  6. This style is growing on me! Does it hold as much as a Speedy 25 or 30? An Alma?
  7. My sister has a 5 month old baby. Of all her bags, she uses her Trouville the most, especially when she travels with the baby.
  8. I have the mono, i love it!!!!!
    it's such a beautiful piece, and very roomy..
    I fell in love with this bag the first time i came in LV store :yes:

    this is mine:tender:

  9. I had the White MC trouville and loved it!!!! It was the perfect size and sooo cute!!! I have two small kids and I didn't have any problem carrying it, it even fit pretty good on my arm!!
  10. I have a white MC trouville. I love the bag and the look of it. The only thing I don't like is that it gets to be a bit of a pain to carry on your arm after a while. The handles are a bit shorter than the ones on a speedy so it gets kind of akward after a while.
  11. it is cute but i find it really small and you can't fit alot in it. then again it depends if you carry alot or minimal stuff.
  12. ya, the handles really are a bit annoying especially when I'm more of a shoulder bag girl. I think as long as you don't carry TOO much heavy stuff, then it won't strain the crook of your arm.
  13. I like trouville only in MC not so much in mono line. Trouville in MC looks HOT with that metal corners.
  14. I think the (mono) Trouville is a great bag, and yes, I think the style is comparatively prettier than the mono Speedy as well. The Trouville has plenty of pockets and there's no vachetta on the bottom (which is practical). And because the Trouville is not a "large" bag, it would not weigh down on your arm if you carried it for prolonged periods of time. It should be ok to carry around with kids. However, if your kids are really young (eg, toddler) and you have to carry them with both arms, it may be a better idea to go with a shoulder bag or a backpack, depending on your situation.
  15. i've never had a problem with the handles, and i find they fit quite comfortably on my arm :yes:. and i can fit my wallet, makeup, cell phone, keys, pencil case and even my medium agenda in it if i arrange everything properly