Any thoughts on this? - $325.00

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  1. Looking for inexpensive metallic - Is gold or silver preferable?[​IMG]
  2. i'd go for silver, try juicy they have some metallic bags around that price range.
  3. The picture isnt coming up...but micheal kors has a very nice metallic bag (it comes in both silver and gold) for around $330...not too expensive...but i recently bought one and i LOVE can find it at nordstroms online.
  4. Thanks - I'll check out Kors - Juicy is a bit too teenager for me however I've noticed their bag line improving.- Damn if I don't torture myself with this photo thing!!
  5. I hear you with the picture thing lol.

    I would choose silver:P
  6. Thanks Starr - I think silver too but quiet silver - the photo I couldn't post was gold so just as well -
  7. The Kors ones are really great. They even have them in Macy's now, how convenient is that?