Any thoughts on the Vavin GM?

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  1. I recently bought the Beverly GM, and although I absolutely LoVe the style/look of the bag, when I carried it today, I barely touched it and already scuffed up the vachetta. I don't like having to open and close the clasp every time I want to grab something out of the bag, either. So, I will prob sell it and get something else.

    I love big bags, and the less vachetta the better! What are your thoughts on the Vavin GM? Thanks so much!
  2. Do you have a picture of the bag? :flowers:
  3. How about the Galliera? It's huge, and it just has a vachetta strap and some piping...
  4. The Vavin GM looks pretty functional on the interior and has a nice shape.


    But, I wonder how comfortable under the arm it would be and whether it would get misshaped.

    Have you thought about picking up something in Damier?
  5. I found this modeling pic online.... It looks great!

  6. i really like the Vavin.. is it still available, I thought they didnt' make it anymore??
  7. What about something in black denim? I have a black denim XL and adore it! It has the largest capacity of any of my bags. Fits more than even my Cabas Mezzo because it isn't as structured.

  8. I love the look of the Vivan GM. Want one myself one day.......I am currently on a ban. I've seen and SO in Damier somewhere, maybe ebay. Thought that was hot.
  9. I like the Vavin but I have heard it's discountinued. I have only seen them on eBay. But maybe I am wrong.
  10. I LVoe all the compartments inside the Vavin....
  11. i dont like the vavin... a bit antiquated.
    i prefer the cabas mezzo or piano