Any thoughts on the roma bag?

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  1. I just got my catalogue and have been drooling over the very few bags in Iron. The sloane is stunning, but recently I have been looking for a more structured bag, and, lo and behold, there's the roma sitting right next to the sloane--more structured than the sloane but still in the soft smooshy nappa umbria that I so love! My only hesitation is whether it is too big for me (my medium campana is just the right size, and I really don't carry enough to fill it up as it is. But, being a BV, I know the roma will get softer over time, so maybe the fact that it is a few inches bigger will not be an issue.

    So...anyone who has been using a roma tote (ahem, mlbags, ReRe:sos:)...what are your thoughts? Is it big and bulky, does it slouch and get less bulky over time? How comfortable is it to wear over the shoulder? Is it easy to access while wearing on the shoulder, or do you have to put it down to get in and out of it? Sorry for the rapid fire questions, but this will be my most expensive bag to date, and I haven't had a chance to try it on in the boutique yet. I am wondering if I should wait to see if it goes on sale at Saks or BV later in the season, but then I may miss out on it if it sells out fast. Dilemma, dilemma!
  2. I, too, am wondering about the Roma...especially the over the shoulder part. With a five inch drop, it looks to me like you have to have super skinny arms to get it I right?
  3. I think with the handles at the longest point, you can get it over your shoulder, but not sure how tight the fit. My arms are anything but super skinny, so this is kind of an important point!
  4. I have a Campana and an Old Petra Roma. I use the Roma more as a work bag/briefcase than a handbag. It is divided into 3 large compartments. With the handles set at the longest point, it can fit over the shoulder comfortably. I've never tried to open it while on the shoulder.

    I bought it when it went on sale at NAP. I think if you wait for it to go on sale later in the season you may not have a problem; Ana at BV can work wonders when it comes to finding items.
  5. I'm hoping to use it more as a travel bag/briefcase too, since I love my campana as a handbag. I really hope I can get it on sale later since the roma is not as popular as veneta or sloane, but since there are really only 2 womens bags made in ferro, I am worried they may go fast!
  6. I also have a roma in op and i cant say enough good things about the style. I've been using it for work and it is so practical and easy to access. It does slouch a bit and the sides flop down after a while but I do love the bag. It looks great as a hand carry. The size isnt too big either imo and it can take you into the weekend as well - a super chic carry-all !
  7. Thanks, gingerale. I love the slouchiness that nappa umbria takes on after some use, but also like that the overall shape of the roma has some structure to it.
  8. Hi Ouija Board, I love my Roma (my first bottega) and the reason I bought it was because I could fit files in it as well as my 11-inch laptop. It has three compartments so it makes organizing easy. The slouch is great if you put in stuff that isn't too structured like files. Also, since I do not have skinny arms, the fact that the handles are adjustable is a big plus!!(I adjusted mine one notch down)
    Hope this helps!:smile:
  9. ouija, the petra roma's up on bluefly!
  10. Ack! I can't afford the roma right now, but the old petra roma is soooo tempting! Especially if it's a good deal.
  11. I know that a new Roma has a slightly structured bottom, where it looks relatively flat when new. What happens after heavy items are placed in, such as a laptop? Does the bottom start to sag and not hold it's shape as well? If it starts to sag, does it look strange? thanks!
  12. Hi! The bottom is very unlikely to sag because there is a pliable but stiff base (my guess is there is a plastic board in there that allows some give but maintains the shape when smaller and lighter things are put inside). I haven't tried it with a 14inch standard laptop. Mine's one of those slim and light ones.
  13. Hi krustycrabcakes, thanks for your comment, I am glad to hear that the bottom wont sag, I just purchased an OP Roma, but was contemplating returning it since the bottom seems to "bow" out a little already with a few of my items! I was even thinking about somehow putting a piece of hard material to place on the bottom to prevent it from sagging!
  14. Hi mypolardog, I've chucked loads of stuff in mine - i guess it got so full it's totally filled out (hence no chance to sag!!Yikes!) I saw the OP Roma on Bluefly and was so tempted to buy it but I have my sights on the Cabat and Campana so I've got to be behave:sad:
    BTW do you have a cabat? Does it sag?
  15. i haven't found any bottom sag with the cabat. when it isn't full the sides can be tucked in or left out. when it's full it looks like a tote. i love it!