Any thoughts on the quilted drawstring hobo?

  1. Does anyone have this bag or has anyone seen it IRL? I absolutely love it, but have never seen it IRL. Any drawbacks, negatives, etc? Does it look too "granny"? I do not have any MJ quilted bags yet, but I have a drawstring Prada hobo which I love, and this is a similar shape.
    Any advice would be great. Thanks, folks!

  2. Thanks, Melly! That's really helpful.

    If anyone has any other comments, please let me know! Have a super nite!!!
  3. It is cute, but for my taste is a bit granny. I also don't have a fondness for bags that are open at the top like this. This is something you should really think about.
  4. Granny?! Ya'll are making me feel old. :sad:

    Oh well, I love my drawstring hobo. I get compliments on it all of the time. As for closing the bag, you can close it somewhat with the drawstring pull.

    The other thread Melly linked you to has pics of mine.

    I guess I better go back to my rocking chair and knit some more...:p
  5. I think it's cute. I almost bought it in truffle, but it was a little to small for me. Hopefully, you'll be able to find one on sale. Also, granny would have to be pretty happenin' to be carrying this bag!
  6. :roflmfao:
    You are silly!!! I just have not yet bought a quilted MJ bag. My husband had the nerve to say this looks like a "granny" bag, so I wanted to see what tPF'ers thought. Because I haven't seen it IRL, I wanted some feedback. I am so happy you love yours! I am all about the 'one-big-compartment-bags-with-one-shoulder-strap'. That's why I always go for the MJ MP's. They just work for me! I think this will, too, and it doesn't seem to be a bag that everyone is carrying, which is nice, also.
    Thanks luvpurses24, don't be sad :sad:!!!
    I luv your bag, and I am happy that you love it, too!!! I think that I am going to be very happy with it.
    Thanks for the great feedback!

    Also, just for the record, I am a 34 yr old tattoed & pierced chicklet who actually TEACHES knitting with my sister to my coworkers or anyone else who wants to learn! We knit and drink wine and have a blast! So, go go granny!!!
  7. Too funny. Hope I didn't offend:p
  8. ^^I'm glad you took my humor well! Hee, hee! :p

    I hope you do get it after all. Let me know when you do. I trust you will love it as much as I love mine!

    You know, two of my friends (who are also in their 30's like me), LOVE to knit. I've attended a couple of their "scrapbooking, card stamping, knitting, etc.) parties and they're actually a lot of fun. Maybe I should learn to knit after all...:yes:
  9. No, no, not at all!! LOL! :biggrin:
  10. I made the cutest little skull-n-crossbones doggie sweater for my "baby" seen left here in my avatar....
    Oh, what an angel....

  11. Personally never been a fan of drawstring style bags, but I know a lot of people love/have that bag. Whatever works for your taste and style.