any thoughts on the plume?

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  1. There isn't much on this forum about the plume. Does anyone have strong feelings for or against? How about the 32 vs. 28. It this a good everyday bag?

    I kind of like the fact that it is an "under the radar" kind of bag yet classic Hermes and part of Hermes lore. I would appreciate thoughts AND any photos of the plume in action.

    I did try to find some on the H in action thread but couldn't find much so let's give the plume some air time.
  2. I actually love the Plume bag! I think it's being/about to be eclipsed by the new Victoria FT though.
    I think the Plume is slightly dressier, which is lovely. Personally I prefer the 32 but that's a matter of personal preference entirely.
  3. I havent seen The Plume IRL, but i think it looks gorgeous in the pics. I think it looks as though it can be dressed up or down.
  4. Hi birkincurious, here is a recent thread GF posted on the plume:

    i personally like the 28 & the 32 - You'd have to try them on to see which is for you. I like the simple styling of the plume, and thin it lends itself to brights or exotics - especially the 28.
  5. I have the cutiest little 20cm plume BJ and LOVE it... it fits a lot and it is easy to grab and go...
  6. Exotic plumes are so pretty (oh well if i have more $$$).

    I think victoria is kinda like the daughter of plume. Plume is more boxy and formal. The Victoria is more slouchy and casual.
  7. ^ ITA - to both sentences! :tup:

    I absolutely whole-heartedly AD:heart:RE the plume. :love:
    However this is #3 on my ever changing list.:rolleyes:
    I believe half the board already know what the rest are.:p
  8. I have strong feelings FOR the plume bag, in any size. There are other H bags that I don't like (but mentioning them is useless here), so that you don't just think that I am crazy about everything H.