Any thoughts on the new spring patchwork?

  1. I was conteplating on getting the new spring patchwork shoulder tote.. this will be my second coach purse.. does anyone here have this bag do you like it?:confused1:


  2. I think it is very cute an very nice for spring!
  3. My husband bought me this yesterday and I returned it today because I really didn't like it. It is too big for me. I have 2 Medium Carly's that are bigger than my normal size purse but they are perfect for me now and this patchwork is bigger than they are. I really don't like the color combo either but that is my opinion. I'm sure there are others that love it!!
  4. I don't have this bag--I have the other style and i love it, it's so cute!
  5. The way the patches are put together remind me a lot of Fossil and how they put their patchwork pieces together. o_o;

    Not really feeling it. :sad:
  6. I saw IRL and I liked it. I don't like the light color suede patches because I feel like they can get dirty very easily and suede doesn't clean very well. I like it though...but not my kind of bag.
  7. would you get the pink medium heritage tote over this bag??
  8. I think if I were picking between the 2 I'd take the Heritage Tote. I agree with Ash that those suede patches will get dirty very easily and not clean up good. I noticed those right away and thought the same thing. I know some people are having problems with the handles on the Heritage Tote already though with color transfer from the leather.

  9. ahhhh so many problems lol...
  10. Yes I hear ya I just ordered a new light colored bag and I know it will probably get dirty easily so I am going to have to be extra extra careful with it.
  11. I think if you care about maintenance then I'd get the heritage tote since those are probably easier to care for. I personally love my patchwork tote despite the seude patches--I have read that a nail file really works wonders when trying to clean suede. Plus, I am a neat freak so I dont work about my tote getting dirty.
  12. how do you like the drop on your new patchwork tote??
  13. It's perfect for me and I am 5'6. If there was one thing I'd say that I dont like about it is that the straps are thin, I dont know why they made them so thin! But I love the fact that it has a zip tote, so functional.
  14. Oh, just a heads up--the care card that came with the tote states that the suede has been embossed or something like that so there is chances of COLOR TRANSFER from the suede.