Any thoughts on the Legacy Penny?

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  1. I am looking at a Penny just because I want a green bag. Has anyone gotten one yet? Any modeling pics out there?
  2. I have 4 of them, very cute bag!

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  3. Love the Penny! My favorite small bag. It takes some planning to get all the necessities in there.

    The clutches are a little roomier, but they don't have a shoulder strap.

    Warning: It is hard to stop at just one Penny. They come in a lot of colors....

    There is a similar bag on the classics page that comes in lime and navy. Those have no lining or tassles.
  4. I have 2 Pennys so far. The Tourmaline & Ultraviolet. Love them! They are pretty small though so you have to be frugal with what you want to take with you when you use them.

  5. :drool: I love both of those colors!
  6. No, but I have two Dinky bags, red and black. I read that they are the basis for the Penny, but don't have the double strap, and the strap is sewn on, but they are great little bags.
  7. I have the emerald, and I love the color! they don't fit a lot though :smile: plus sometimes the double straps separate and one of the straps falls of my shoulder. do other people also experience this??

    the tourmaline and ultraviolet looks fab!!
  8. That's only when you wear them as a shoulder bag, it doesn't happen crossbody. I put a little clear elastic hair band and problem solved
  9. Yeah, I have that same issue with one of them sometimes falling off the shoulder. If I twist them a bit as I put the bag over the shoulder, it seems to help prevent that from happening.
  10. Oooh, great idea! :idea:
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    ooh I see, thanks I'll try it out!!

    btw, did you pretreat your Penny with leather care products? I was just reading the legacy thread where some ppl are having issues with the corners of some of the colored duffles TIA!!!
  12. No, I haven't treat the pennys, just the duffles, and I haven't had corner wear after that.
  13. I have the navy colored shoulder bag which is similar. I have used the moisturizer. Don't use the cleaner on the Legacy duffle leather.
  14. I think the Penny is such a cute bag. Congratulations on your pretties.
  15. I Apple conditioned both of mine as well as Apple sprayed just to be safe.